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  I love finding a new place that intrigues & inspires & when it's close to home, even BETTER!  I discovered this little store last week.  The minute I walked in the door I was inspired & immediately asked the owner if I could grab my camera to take some pictures so I could share it with you all.  But before I take you inside the shop how cool is this old vintage Cafe sign? 
{Oh, the American Pickers would be drooling over it.  Maybe they read my blog, Mike, Frank.. are you listening!  Come to Northern UTAH!} 
Just had to take a pic because it's just to awesome not too. 

Here are the charming windows to the shop, Glassed Up.  When I first drove past the windows caught my attention & I wanted to check it out. 
-That's my friend Terra inside, who came along with me, chatting with the owner- 
Ok, this is what really made me go running to my car to grab my camera.  The owner, Lesa, completely covered the exposed cieling with old grain sacks.  GEnius!  I thought is was such a clever & unique way to add some charm to any old space.  LOVED it! 
Glassed up just opened but  has a little bit of this & that.  Of coarse glass products that I'll show you in a bit.  But old furniture painted & refurbished, old mirrors {like the one here}, potted plants & more.  
-I spy Me & the owner of the store, Lesa- 
What really intrigued me was the wide variety {& I mean WiDE} of succulents that Lesa has.  To top it off she is very knowledgeable about each little plant.  I saw some there that I have never seen before.  Like these super cool purple & light green plants called split rocks.  The grow from the middle out so when it gets too big or another little sprout starts to grow it splits to make room, so cute is that!  It was enjoyable to sit & listen to her explain each little plant.  

Here's a close up of the split rock plant.  Now do you understand.  What an amazing little thing! 
Another gorgeous tray to feast your eyes on.  Lesa, has these for sale or you can buy a planted succulent in the shop or she will even plant them for you in containers that you bring in.  
{I'm taking in something for her to work her magic on. Eeeeee... can't wait to see the final product.} 
Thought this was a pretty cool idea too.  You know I love vintage pop bottles & succulents so when I saw this I thought, genius!  A self watering planter made from an old glass bottle.  See it?  The wick is planted in the soil & the comes out the bottom of the bottle to suck up water as it needs it.  Smart! 
A pretty display of vintage goods holding pots of Aloe plants & variations of Aloe.  
I forgot until I saw this shot that she also has variety of cactus' too.  This building used to be an old saloon/bar back in the day.  The mirrored back wall & the long wooden bar are examples of its former life turned into a charming, unique store.  
Just had to take a pic of this cluster of glass bottles, well... just because I admire old glass.  I wish things were made like the used to be. 

So there you have it!  A new fun little spot up in my neck of the woods you should come & check out on Commercial Street in Morgan.  Once you do be sure to get back on the freeway & head to East for 5 more minutes to Taggarts for a piece of carrot cake as long as you're up this way.  You won't be sorry!  
{Heads up though, they're closed on Mondays} 

Thanks for coming along on this Flight of the Honeybee. If you want to discover more unique shops & stores I've found just search Flight of the Honeybee in the search bar on the right hand side. 
*The Grand Opening for Glassed Up is happening next Saturday the 19th.  "Like" their facebook page to stay connected to this great shop & the upcoming festivities. 


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