Conference Weekend Tradition-Sweet Petal Roll


  Hello.... one of my favorite weekends of the year is here!  It's a stay at home, be together with family kind of a weekend.  I love it!  Being inspired, uplifted & of coarse eating yummy food the whole weekend long.  

If you follow this blog regularly you are very familiar with this next recipe.  It's a H&H classic the Sweet Petal Roll. It's the cinnamon roll of all cinnamon rolls & it is delicious! 
{Plus, it's big enough to feed your whole family!} 

*The key to making this gigantic cinnamon is to either have a large pizza sized baking round with a edge on it or using 2- 9 inch cake pans. You NEED to have something with an edge around it to hold the Petal Roll all together, if not you're going to have a mess in your oven. {sorry!} 

Sweet Petal Roll 

Scald:  1  1/2 C. milk 
Add to warmed milk:
        6 T. shortening 
        1 T. salt 
        4 T. sugar
Cool & add: 5 cups of Flour 
Dissolve 2 T. yeast in 1/2 cup warm water. Let rest a few minutes & then add to dough mixture & knead for 5 minutes 
Let raise for 1 hour. 

After dough has risen melt 1 cube of butter & place into a shallow bowl.  In another shallow bowl combine 1 c. Sugar, 2 T. Cinnamon, 1/2 C. Brown Sugar. 

Rip off a ball of dough & roll into a worm shape, about 6- 8 inches long. Dip into butter & then into sugar mixture.  Put them round & round in a pizza pan. {or you can divide the dough & make 2 -9 inch rounds}  *if you have extra dough after making the petal rolls, just roll a piece of dough into a ball, toss in the butter & sugar & then place them in a muffin tin to bake while the rolls are still raising.  {I usually get about 5-6 cinnamon balls when I use the 9 inch cake rounds} 

Raise for 45 minutes, pre heat oven to 350. Bake for 20 min & then ice with a powdered sugar glaze {powdered sugar, milk & vanilla}

Hoping this vamped up spin on the cinnamon roll becomes a family favorite in your home as much as it has become one in our home.  Always such a treat to make the Sweet Petal Roll.  You can also watch a clip {hereon how to make it 
if you'd like.  
{just keep in mind everything on camera & live TV doesn't exactly go as planned ;)} 

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