Christmas came early


  Here are some pics from my recent trip up North to 
2nd Chances Antiques in Brigham City. 
{from my top 3 list of places to shop}
I went up with my friend, Tausha, for a day of fun & treasure hunting & boy, did we score with some great finds.  Thanks to Tausha for her opening boxes & looking high & low to get find us some awesome things. 

Christmas came early for me this year. 
{My list for Santa won't be nearly as long this year }
Feast your eyes on what I found!  I'm slightly smitten at the moment for vintage Christmas decor.  When I opened up this box I think I might have actually squealed out loud.  Are you serious?  Look at those fabulous colored retro Christmas light bulbs.  So pretty!  

 I actually started a light bulb collection last year 
{Yes, another collection, does that surprise you?  It shouldn't} 
& loved having them out during the Holidays.  The collection started with some bulbs I found at my Grandma Hall's home.  So excited to add these to the collection this year. 

This shouldn't surprise you either... I have a vintage ornament collection too.  Wish they made things like they used to.  
-I spy a happy honeybee taking pics of her new finds.... totally giddy!- 
 Oh, deer....   how adorable are these little plastic creatures.  Can't wait to play with them & use them this holiday season. 
-Their little heads move back & forth, so charming- 
 I'm totally in love with the retro vibe of Christmas decor for years past & when I saw this white wreath it took me back to my childhood.  I love it!  Can't wait to add it to my display of vintage Christmas wreaths 
{I really do have too many collections to count.... I need to make a list of them all one day} 

A couple more for my collection.... I like them big or small.  Love the bottle brush wreath with the tiny glass balls on it & the dainty bell & holly leaves.  Merry Christmas to me! 

 A close up of the amazing bulbs I got.  They are going to look awesome in a glass jar or the back of my metal truck I put out.  Hurry, Christmas & get here!  {Did I just say that?} 

I guess all of these terrific finds came from an estate sale & had just been brought into the store. Perfect timing!  The owner told us that when we checked out. Hope it makes some sweet old lady happy to know that her Christmas decorating stash, she'd had for years & years, has become someones new favorite things.  

It just wasn't all Christmas that I got... I scored a few games with letters & pieces too. I can never pass them up.  Thanks to Tausha for spotting the letters for me. 

 This next thing I just couldn't leave without.  You may have heard me say before that if something speaks to you, makes you smile & you can't stop thinking about it you need to get it. Well this amazing {old} pennant did that for me that day.  I actually left the store, got in Tausha's car, & told her I had to go back in & get it.  Where was I ever going to find something like this again.  Loved that it had the Salt Lake Temple on it, the colors & Salt Lake City, Utah.  

I think it must have been that I've been thinking about The {Fall} Hive & pennants are something that will make an appearance there so I just had to get it for decor purposes.  Hope you've marked your calendar- Sept. 18,19 & 20th. 

 I just couldn't pass up this amazing, colorful & in good shape bottle caps.  How cool are they?  I have a project in the works for them. I'll show you when I get it all finished.  

Thanks for letting me share a bit of my happiness.  So fun finding all these treasures one day in Brigham City.  Be sure to check out 2nd Chances Antiques next time you're up that way.  


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