A week of appreciation & thanks!


It's no JoKE how busy I was last week but how rewarding the outcome was.  I had the opportunity to be in charge of Teacher Appreciation Week at my daughter's Middle School.  When I was the PTSO President 2 years ago my friend Erika was in charge & took this week to a whole other level.  Blew the minds of the teachers & brought tears to their eyes so I thought I better keep it rolling & with as much love, sweat & tears into this week too.  So FUN to see the teachers eyes light up & the smiles on their faces when they realize that it is all for them!

Started off the week decorating the teachers lounge with my friend, Nicole.  Thank goodness we both have a great stash of school inspired stuff to bring & put out.   Such a bright, cheerful happy space to walk into, don't you think?  
-It's amazing how a little bit of this & that can breath life into a pretty plain room.  Makes it a great space to eat lunch, grab your mail for the day, sit & visit with other teachers during the day-
Day 1 of the Week: 
Had a Coke fountain machine brought in.  Hello..... is there anything better for teachers!  I think not.  I even made sure to order in 2 tanks of Diet Coke so they wouldn't run out.  The week was already off to a great start with this little beauty.  

Day 2 of the Week
Books & Supply goodie bags for the Teachers!  We ordered in lots of books using money raised from the book fair to give each teacher a book or 2 for their rooms.  They loved it! 

Ok, I just had a thought!  My vintage chicken feeder is going to appear a lot in posts this week.  After each post leave a comment on how many times you spied it & your favorite use of it & at the end of the week I'll pick one winner to get a little somthin' somethin' Sound Fun? 

I bagged up some post it's, pencils, pens, dry erase markers, erasers & magnets & gave each teacher a bag.  I enjoyed putting them together & I'm sure the teachers will put it all to good use. 

-All positive messages for the teachers- 
Just because I loved it so- more pics of decor in the Teachers Lounge, making me excited already for The {Fall} Hive.  
{More info. coming soon- think September} 
Lots of what you see here will be in the H&H Fall collection.  Colorful & yummy! 

-Blocks, books & bright colors- scream school!- 

-This corner has school written all over it.  A wise old owl sitting up on top of a pile of vintage books keeping an eye on everything.  Thanks to Nicole for writing on my chalkboard, she does such a good job & the saying was so true!- 

-Some of my favorite things to put here & there.  Some H&H blocks with great sayings on them- 

-Are you singing along? -
A fun display on the teachers table. Old letter stamps in a jar, blocks, books & an H&H word tile. Amazing how a bright, cheerful print just put in a simple frame can hold it's own & make an impact.  

Day 3 & 4 of the week: 
Gave us the opportunity to serve the teachers Breakfast & Lunch.  Didn't take any pictures of the breakfast because to be honest setting it up & serving by 7:00 is just too darn early to think of everything.  

I used this chalkboard to write on each day & let the teachers know what was on the schedule for the day.  It was a great way to inform & still keep the "School" theme going.  
Lunch was super tasty! Lots of amazing friends helped out to make both breakfast & lunch a success.  Lots of baking & preparing behind the scenes.  

I've been thinking & planning for about a year to have something special for the teachers lunch. My Dad retired from 30+ years of teaching last year & has quite the reputation for making out of this world Dutch Oven Potatoes 
{One teacher, called them KiLLeR! & I would have to agree!} 
He was so nice to come down the night before, go shopping with me, prep everything with Miss Mace's help & then stand outside in the cold, snow & rain for 2 hours cooking the potatoes.  What a treat for the teachers! 

-The finished product- DE.LICIOUS!!- 

-Thanks so much, Dad.  LOVE YOU!- 

-Coleslaw is awesome on Pork Sandwiches,  If you've never tried it before you really should. YuM!- 

-Loved these big wooden apples my friend, Melanie, brought for decor.  She got them on a trip to Guatemala last year.  They were awesome & so appropriate to have out for a teachers lunch- 
-These skewer signs Melanie made were over the top cute!-
Day 5 of the Week:  
Created a "SWEET"  ending to the week by having dozens of cookies & cupcakes out for the teachers to take home.  There were to go boxes available for them to take home to their families because Teachers+Cookies= a better world in my opinion.  So grateful again for lots of friends willing to bake, bake & bake to make this a fun thing for the teachers.  

-My Grandma Hall's, now famous Gingersnaps.  A favorite for me to bake & share, everyone loves them!-

Of coarse everything had to be set on & displayed in such a way {I might have a sickness!}  but it really does make a difference to have anything for a buffet or party displayed in a unique & intersting way.  

Platters, cake stands, vintage berry boxes, vintage bread pans, jelly rings were used to serve up all the sweetness on.  Just look at those scrumptious cupcakes, thanks Sherrie, they looked so good!  Also loved the little tags I used to write the description on for the teachers to see.  

Looking back it really was a wonderful & rewarding experience to be a part of.  When you give, serve & strive to make other people happy it really does bless your life in ways you didn't expect.  My heart is full of gratitude & thanks for the wonderful teachers who help my girls learn, grow & inspire them each & everyday. 

Teachers ROCK! 



Kami and Joe said...

Your talent amazes and inspires me! I only spied the chicken feeder twice, I loved the cookies in it. Those are some lucky teachers!

Camie Sugden said...

I love all the ways you use your chicken feeder throughout the year. I thought the books looked darling in it! What an amazing Teacher Appreciation Week!

Kimberly Healy said...
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Mimi Sue said...

So many fun ideas! To be used for any occasion. You are super talented! Mimi

Anonymous said...

I saw the chicken feeder twice. I would love to have your Dad's recipe for the potatoes. Uncle Doyle is good at cooking with the dutch oven, but we have never used red spuds.
Aunt Barb