Flight of the Honeybee- Thrifting & Antiquing

Today I'm sharing a few of my favorite places to go antiquing & thrifting. If you watched Studio 5 today you know that I have a passion for this kind of stuff! 

So I'm letting you in on 3 of my favorite places to check out, go to & stop by when I'm looking for something unique & one of a kind. 

1- Fleattitude 
This is BY FAR is the best flea market in the Beehive State.  You know the kinds of markets you see in Country Living magazine & say to yourself, "I wish we had something like that here"  Well... guess what we do!  It happens a few times a year & is definitely worth clearing your schedule, planning a day & getting down to.  Trust me, you'll thank me later. 

-My finds from my 1st trip to Fleattitude- 
Fleattitude is happening this Saturday the 26th in Pleasant Grove 65 East 200 South.  Hours are 9-4 for $1 admission, if you are an early riser you can come at 8 & pay $5 to get in early.  Don't miss it! If you run into my sweet friend Jenn, from 3Dotters, tell her the honeybee sent you & hi for me!  She is the sweetest, amazingly talented & has the best eye for vintage stuff. LoVE her! 
-A couple of my favorite things that I'm sure you've seen on my blog that I have out & use all the time.  Did you see what the crate is now filled up with?  If not go {here}- 

Most vendors take Credit Cards but be sure to bring some cash to have on hand too. Remember what I said on the show today... if you are smitten with something & can't stop thinking about it DON'T walk away, grab it & get it.  I'm still trying to get over not buying a large shortening tin last year. 
{My friend Tausha & I with our loot from last Spring. I bought my first "Creeper" at Fleattitude& have been in love with it ever since} 

2-The Deseret Industries  
Ok, the most obvious & cheapest place to go, the DI. {That's what us locals like to call it.} 
If you're in Utah there's a pretty good chance there is one in your area.

  It is always hit & miss, you never know what you're going to find.  I always walk in with a positive attitude that today is the day I hit it big.{I always get a cart, just in case!} Sometimes I am & sometimes not so much. But one thing is for sure, it's always fun to go look around.  I usually walk out with a few more items I wasn't looking for but giddy that I got, versus what I was going in specifically to look for.  So.... keep an open mind, cross your fingers & have fun.  
-A cart full of goodies!- 

3- 2nd Chances Antique Store 
Might just be the best kept secret in our fine State
{& here I am telling you about it.  Why am I?  Promise not to take all the good stuff before I get back up there ;)}

-My stash from my last visit, I scored!- 
This gem is up in Brigham City, 475 East 1000 South, in the old Indian School campus buildings. There are signs & it is easy to find.  The owners are very nice, helpful & talkative.  They LOVE to talk about the items in their store & where they came from.  I love that about shopping there because knowing the stories & history of the items I buy mean something to me. This is probably the best kept antique store you'll ever venture into. Which I appreciate!  So clean, well laid out & easy to look at everything.  I've found amazing stuff here that are real treasures to me.  Next time you're headed up North make sure to make a stop in Brigham City & check it out. Psst... Tell them the honeybee & her blog sent you
{Here am I standing outside the store with "creeper" #2}    

Hope this has informed, inspired & helped you a bit as you consider junking & finding some treasures to add to your home decor.  Don't forget to look around your own home, parents or grandparents because they might just have some amazing things lying around their home, garage or attic that could be ripe for the picking.  
{below is an example of taking a Sunday walk with my Dad out to some old barns & sheds on his property. Great family bonding time!} 

For kitchen inspired decorating using vintage finds go {HERE}Happy treasure hunting! I'll be sharing more pics from my recent trip up to Brigham City & 2nd Chances soon. Be sure to check back.   



Mimi Sue said...

I so want to go to Fleattitude this Sat but I have a grandgirl birthday that day. Still might try to get there. Love that Second Chances store in Brigham City too. Mimi

Logan Steed said...
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Natalie said...

What fabulous spots!! One of these days I'll get to Flea-attitude :) You are always so wonderful to share with others. Your segment on Studio 5 was great as always.