Whew, just got home from Eclipse! It was really good & I wish {I wish} Breaking Dawn was just around the corner but I guess I'll have to wait awhile.
It was fun being in a room full or friends {screaming friends} watching the movie. I even gave away 2 Eclipse themed frames, in a drawing, before the movie.
{hope those of you who lucked out & got them like them, Jessica it very was nice to met you! :) }
I will have to say that my friends Texie & Michelle had the BeST reaction to winning a prize- way to go girls!!
Anyway Team Edward for me, {it always has been since Twilight & I've never faltered once}
how about you?? Leave a comment & let me know!
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A little of this & that {for sale!}


The sun is shining & the birds are chirping so it must be time for a
Hollyhocks & Honeybees {mini} show!

Tuesday June 29th
10:00 a.m.- Noon

4011 Lilac Lane in Mt. Green
Here is a little peek inside my studio to see what is for sale.

Lots of little birdies, colorful poppies & delightful blocks to place on a shelf
{the shelves are stocked & full}

Bunches of Sunflowers ready for the picking!

Fun, festive 4th of July decorations & frames to celebrate the red, white & blue!
**Don't forget to enter the From My House to Yours Giveaway. Details below! You have until Wednesday night to enter**



Where the wind comes sweeping down the plains.....
{this little house may be on it's way there unless some more entries for the My House to Yours drawing come in ;)}

So grab your camera, snap a picture & email it to the Honeybee before July 1st!
{I know there is ALOT of H&H stuff out there to take a picture of
because I remember making ALOT of things!}

Also don't forget that Hollyhocks & Honeybees is having a SaLe on
Tuesday the 29th.
10:00 a.m.- Noon
4011 Lilac Lane in Mt. Green
{lots of Little Birdies, Hip Flower frames, Bunches of Sunflowers & Poppies for sale}
Have a great weekend!


From my house to yours


I was at my cute friend Texie's house last month & saw one of the NeW 5x7 flower frames, she bought, that I had made for The Hive in May. I loved seeing it put to use & it got me thinking!!
I always wonder after I have a show how all the things I create look in someone elses home, with pictures of their children & families in the frames, or how it is used in their homes decor. Is it on a table in the family room, tucked up on a shelf or hung in a bedroom.
I'm always CuRiouS.......
so here is your chance to show me & get something fun in return.

The from my house to yours GiVeaWay

-GuiDeLiNes for the GiVeaWay-
-Email a picture of an H&H product you have bought from any past Hollyhocks & Honeybees show or The Hive & how it is displayed in your home {honeybee58@gmail.com}
-Be sure to leave me your name & full address with your photo.
-You have until midnight on Wednesday June 30th to enter & one winner will be drawn July 1st.
-This glittery patriotic home will be sent to one LuCKY persons home, just in time to celebrate the 4th of July! {how fun is that?} I adore these little houses & love making them for any occasion.

Have you already got your camera out? Are you looking around your house? I hope so! I can't wait to see what you have in your homes & how something created in my house is
used in your house.

**I am having an "after-the Boutique" sale at my home ONE DAY ONLY
10:00a.m.-Noon on Tuesday the 29th**
-LoTS of Summertime things & 4th of July decor for sale-
{I'll post some pictures soon of what will be available}


A few of my favorite things

Just wanted to share with you somethings I am loving right now - watching Top Chef, buying big, blingy,rings {I have way to many but they are so fun!} finding vintage globes, FaceBook, {I am constantly checking it!} using my new Caldrea cleaning supplies, Fresh & Clean lotion {from Victoria Secret, my friend told me about it & I LOVE it!} & I also tried a Pilates Fit class today at the gym & loved it!
& I'm loving making these & thinking about all the places they can be put to use.
-Hook Frames-

I am thinking about making some to put up in my Laundry Room to hang the wet towels that come in, with my sun soaked kids, to hang until they dry. I've also thought of putting some up in the girls bathroom for their bath towels. I think it would look darling in there. Maybe frames that are orange, yellow & blue their favorite colors with some patterened paper to match. What other ideas can you think of? {to hang necklaces from, sports ribbons, awards, or even hang a picture from}

I have this orange/ruler paper one up on my kitchen wall, by my back entry, to hang this & that {mostly bags & keys}

They can come in any color & size with a beadboard or patterned paper center & various styles of hooks to choose from. Any combination to match your decor style.

If you are interested in ordering some please email me.
Hollyhocks & Honeybees is ALWAYS open!
{you don't need to wait until an open house or boutique }
I would love to hear what you are LOVING right now, so leave a comment. Thanks to everybody that reads my blog & follows it! It's nice to know that people are actually reading this {sometimes I wonder :)}

**be sure to check back this week for details about an upcoming
SuMMeRTiMe GiVe aWaY!!**


A "berry" good {and windy} day!


Whew, what a day I had today! It seemed like there were 100 things to accomplish & all at the same time. {Why are there days like that?}

Anyway, one thing I had to do today was pack up all my Hollyhocks & Honeybees supplies & drive down to Pleasant Grove to set up at Bliss Boutique for Strawberry Days. {I even had to dodge a ladder that was lying on the freeway thanks to all the CRaZY wind today, that was scary but I was fine} I was happy to arrive safe & sound & was in "Bliss" when I saw the fabulous little building where the boutique was being held. Oh, how I wish I had something like this to display all my things in.
{I love old buildings that have a charming inside to match the outside}

p.s. Don't you love the green color? I thought it was perfect & so fresh looking!

So here are some SNeeK PeeKS at what you will find on the inside. Hope all of you that live in Utah County will go stop in & check it out. I even think the parade route passes right in front of the building on Saturday.

The owner of the boutique {Ashlie} also has a photography business too. Aren't the pictures SWeeT? She has a bunch of big potraits hanging up inside the building. Such a charming little studio & boutique. {I want to find me a place like that someday :) }
A girl can dream......


Happy Day :)


I just wanted to post a few pictures of things that make me happy today!

This SWeeT arrangement is smelling so wonderful right now. I received this as a Birthday Gift from my friend, Leila Bird :) {she knows me too well!} She found the cutest little old Honey container, emptied out the contents & filled it with some of my favorite flowers {by the way how do you say Peony? Pee-own-ee or Pee-on-ee? Does this make sense? } No matter how you say it I love them!
When she gave it to me I thought it was just an old paint can, and I was still very excited, you can imagine my joy when I saw the little retro-bee on the front of the can!! On the back of the can are some recipes for a Honey Chocolate Cake, Fluffy Honey Frosting & Honey-Lemon Dressing. I'll give them a try & let you know.
{I adore old retro things, why can't products still be packaged the same why? Such character & uniqueness }

Happy Flag Day from my house to yours. I love this big flag that we put up on our front porch for Holidays {can't wait for the 4th of July, one of my favorite Holidays!} The sight of this just makes me happy.
Hope you have something happy to look at today!


Hittin' the road!

That's right Hollyhocks & Honeybees is hitting the road & heading South
{Utah County that is}
So to all of my clients, family & friends that live down at the South end {that don't like to drive North of SLC, you know who you are ;)} here is your chance to see some H&H stuff down by you!!
- Mark your Calenders!-

June 17, 18 & 19th

10:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m.
105 South 100 East
in Pleasant Grove
{I don't know why I couldn't get the flyer to be bigger, sorry}
Off to be creative


Step right up, 1 ticket please.....


{Carnival Birthday Party}

What a fun way to celebrate turning 8! {times 2}
My "Turtle Twins" decided to have a Carnival Birthday Party this year. We had one for them 3 years ago & it was so much fun they wanted to do it all again. I was crossing my fingers the whole week that the weather would be nice & it was for the most part. {Because how do you pull off an "indoor" Carnival?} Luckily, I didn't have to worry about that just a few rain sprinkles here & there but thank goodness kids don't seem to mind that at all :)

The kids ate lots of Carnival themed foods {I was a little bit worried about some eating TOO much} & had tons of fun. The hit of the night was the "claw" machine game we had out & playing some Minute to Win it type games. .

I owe all the "photo credits" to my friend who was nice enough to call & see if I would like her to come over & take some pictures of the party. I thought that was so sweet of her to ask & then not 30 minutes later my other friend asked the same thing. {they know I am challenged when it comes to taking pictures :)}
What would I do without such wonderful & talented friends?
{p.s. I would HIGHLY recommend having someone come take pictures at your next party or event, it was so nice not to have to worry about taking pics on top of everything else- thanks C!}
You know me I LOVE frames & finding new uses for them. I think these pictures of all the kids turned out so cute being "goofy" & "clowning" around, these will be fun keepsakes for the girls to have of their party.

Happy Birthday {today} to my 2 great girls. They bring such joy & happiness to my life. It's been so fun watching them grow up & always have a best buddy right by their side.

The "Turtle Twins"
Definition of a Turtle Twin: As defined by Audrey. My sister asked her how come her & Emily were so cute, "Is it because you are identical?" she asked. Audrey replied, "No, we're not identical, we're Turtle" {Fraternal is a hard word to say for a 4 year old & the nickname stuck!:)}
I love {and am LuCKy} to be a Mom to twin girls {double the fun, right?}
** OH, one more thing, I'm happy to see I got my 36th follower, a very significant # in my life this week ;)


{Cheers} to June!


Yeah, it's June {one of my favorite months of the year} even though it may not feel like it outside yet. I'm crossing my fingers that it will be nice weather on Friday for A&E's Carnival Birthday Party. Lots to do still- decorations, package gum balls, get balloons, make up carnival games & wrap presents all before the little guests arrive at 6:30 p.m. {it doesn't help that I am so mixed up because of the holiday & think that today is Monday}
So a toast to June & all that it has to offer {birthdays, celebrations, parties, mini trips & working in the yard} & making some more delightful H&H flower frames. My girls have loved helping me, with this project, by volunteering to drink a wide variety of bottled soda pops to help me create the perfect little center for each flower {and it takes ALOT of caps :)}

These frames were very POPULAR at The Hive {the 5x7 & 8x10 sizes} If you would like to order one please email me. Just so you know when you order something from me it follows H&H's philosophy {each product is unique & one of a kind. Colors, prints & patterns will vary, no 2 things will look alike} Custom colors can be requested.
-Cheers to all you have going on this month-