Hittin' the road!

That's right Hollyhocks & Honeybees is hitting the road & heading South
{Utah County that is}
So to all of my clients, family & friends that live down at the South end {that don't like to drive North of SLC, you know who you are ;)} here is your chance to see some H&H stuff down by you!!
- Mark your Calenders!-

June 17, 18 & 19th

10:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m.
105 South 100 East
in Pleasant Grove
{I don't know why I couldn't get the flyer to be bigger, sorry}
Off to be creative

1 comment:

Rebecca Leigh Hall said...

I'm so mad that those are the days I'm traveling and I won't be able to go. You will just have to come down again please. :)

P. double S. Happy Birthday!