Whew, just got home from Eclipse! It was really good & I wish {I wish} Breaking Dawn was just around the corner but I guess I'll have to wait awhile.
It was fun being in a room full or friends {screaming friends} watching the movie. I even gave away 2 Eclipse themed frames, in a drawing, before the movie.
{hope those of you who lucked out & got them like them, Jessica it very was nice to met you! :) }
I will have to say that my friends Texie & Michelle had the BeST reaction to winning a prize- way to go girls!!
Anyway Team Edward for me, {it always has been since Twilight & I've never faltered once}
how about you?? Leave a comment & let me know!
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MartinCrew said...

Melissa Team Jacob IS the only team to be on!! Next time you talk to Texi tell her she missed a great family reunion!! lol :)

Texie B said...

I'm switching....TEAM RILEY!!!!!

Texie B said...

What reunion????

Ticey said...

Melissa - your so funny! I too saw Eclipse just today and LOVED it!! I am team Edward all the way. Although I must admit that Jacob (Taylor) is so much cuter, but its the character of Edward I am drawn too, plus they are just meant to be together. You know like Ross and Rachel - Joanie and Chachee!! Anyways, loved the movie, ready to go see it again!!

MartinCrew said...

Blackner Reunion Texie!