A "berry" good {and windy} day!


Whew, what a day I had today! It seemed like there were 100 things to accomplish & all at the same time. {Why are there days like that?}

Anyway, one thing I had to do today was pack up all my Hollyhocks & Honeybees supplies & drive down to Pleasant Grove to set up at Bliss Boutique for Strawberry Days. {I even had to dodge a ladder that was lying on the freeway thanks to all the CRaZY wind today, that was scary but I was fine} I was happy to arrive safe & sound & was in "Bliss" when I saw the fabulous little building where the boutique was being held. Oh, how I wish I had something like this to display all my things in.
{I love old buildings that have a charming inside to match the outside}

p.s. Don't you love the green color? I thought it was perfect & so fresh looking!

So here are some SNeeK PeeKS at what you will find on the inside. Hope all of you that live in Utah County will go stop in & check it out. I even think the parade route passes right in front of the building on Saturday.

The owner of the boutique {Ashlie} also has a photography business too. Aren't the pictures SWeeT? She has a bunch of big potraits hanging up inside the building. Such a charming little studio & boutique. {I want to find me a place like that someday :) }
A girl can dream......

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Tyler said...

Glad you made is safely to PG. I can say PG since I attended AF. '91. All of your creations are awesome. People in Utah County would be crazy not to go check them out!