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{Carnival Birthday Party}

What a fun way to celebrate turning 8! {times 2}
My "Turtle Twins" decided to have a Carnival Birthday Party this year. We had one for them 3 years ago & it was so much fun they wanted to do it all again. I was crossing my fingers the whole week that the weather would be nice & it was for the most part. {Because how do you pull off an "indoor" Carnival?} Luckily, I didn't have to worry about that just a few rain sprinkles here & there but thank goodness kids don't seem to mind that at all :)

The kids ate lots of Carnival themed foods {I was a little bit worried about some eating TOO much} & had tons of fun. The hit of the night was the "claw" machine game we had out & playing some Minute to Win it type games. .

I owe all the "photo credits" to my friend who was nice enough to call & see if I would like her to come over & take some pictures of the party. I thought that was so sweet of her to ask & then not 30 minutes later my other friend asked the same thing. {they know I am challenged when it comes to taking pictures :)}
What would I do without such wonderful & talented friends?
{p.s. I would HIGHLY recommend having someone come take pictures at your next party or event, it was so nice not to have to worry about taking pics on top of everything else- thanks C!}
You know me I LOVE frames & finding new uses for them. I think these pictures of all the kids turned out so cute being "goofy" & "clowning" around, these will be fun keepsakes for the girls to have of their party.

Happy Birthday {today} to my 2 great girls. They bring such joy & happiness to my life. It's been so fun watching them grow up & always have a best buddy right by their side.

The "Turtle Twins"
Definition of a Turtle Twin: As defined by Audrey. My sister asked her how come her & Emily were so cute, "Is it because you are identical?" she asked. Audrey replied, "No, we're not identical, we're Turtle" {Fraternal is a hard word to say for a 4 year old & the nickname stuck!:)}
I love {and am LuCKy} to be a Mom to twin girls {double the fun, right?}
** OH, one more thing, I'm happy to see I got my 36th follower, a very significant # in my life this week ;)


Rebecca Leigh Hall said...
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Rebecca Leigh Hall said...

So for reals.....blogger had a freak out and wouldn't let me post and then when it finally did, it posted my comment 4 times. Now it won't let me delete them because it posted them under Becca Hall and not my profile Rebecca Leigh Hall. Sorry. :(

Honeybee said...

I was just excited to see 5 comments :) Thanks!

Tyler said...

The party was sweet. Thanks to M for pulling it off. You are a great mom! & wife!!

Vanessa said...

The party was really cute. I am glad that I was able to see it.
I had a blast shopping with Audge and Em.

Martincrew said...

Sooo fun! I wondered about "Turtle" now I know! What beautiful turtles they are :)