Old School


This may be an Old School dessert but I think it just might be the perfect Summertime combination for a simple treat- 
A Juicy Cantaloupe + a scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream = delicious. 

I have found memories of eating this with my Dad when I was little, sitting outside on a Summer evening.  The trick is to get a piece of cantaloupe with each bite of vanilla ice cream.
{not just eat all the ice cream first} 

Question- Have you ever eaten this before?  
If not you should try it tonight with your family. 
{it's super easy to make, no recipe required- wink, wink!} 

Speaking of school one of my favorite movies {with a bit of a school theme} is Ferris Bueller's Day Off. 
I feel a bit like his  teacher lately would he would say - 
Bueller...Bueller.. Bueller...  
Except I would be saying  
Anyone....Anyone.... Anyone- 
I'm missing seeing your comments lately.  
{Maybe it's just the busy Summer &everyone isn't into checking blogs right now- but let me know if you're out there ;)} 

I'm off to celebrate 16 years with my hubby 7-7 is our 
LuCKY day
{Love you Ty!} 



Jenn and Brandon said...

That totally makes me think of my dad! Except he'd invite Mark Bergeson down for a nice bowl of cantaloupe ice cream and when I woke up in the morning, all the ice cream in the house was gone!

christawag said...

That sounds so YUMmY!! I have had fruit on ice cream but i usually have strawberries....cantalope sounds yummy. I am going to try this! Thanks for the tip!oh and... HapPy SwEEt 16th Anniversary!!

Rebecca Leigh Hall said...

Yum! Dad had some the other day with Burnt Almond Chocolate, but he wouldn't share. I was super jealous and now even more jealous that you guys had some.

Vanessa Hall said...

I love that dessert!! When I worked at Casper's people would bring in their own cantaloupe so we could make them a shake. They usually would let us keep the leftover of the cantaloupe. YUM!!

Honeybee said...

Maybe it's a Hall treat! It sure is yummy on a hot summer day.