Keeping it real


  This post is specifically for a fun friend of mine who recently packed up her family & moved away from our great neighborhood to Eastern Utah. 
She once did a post on her blog 
{kind of making fun of me but in a good way ;)} 
of how my kitchen island, from pictures I've posted, always looks clean, tidy & straightened up & then compared it with a picture she took of her island 
{the same day} in some disarray. 
{You can see the picture & post I'm talking @ HERE} 

Well..... M take a look at what I woke up to see my island looking like last Tuesday morning.  
{see it does happen in the Quigley home too - haha!}

I was S.i.C.K  last Monday & in bed with my other little sickie Em right by me all day just hanging out in our jammies & watching TV. 
My husband was out of town so not much gone down around here for 24 hours.  I was grateful to have Miss Mace & Audji around to help me out & 
my great {love them to death} next door neighbors that ran to the store to get Sprite for us  & even fed M&A while I was down.  But even with all the help it just goes to show you that when the Mommy gets sick you really notice what she does each & every day, around the house, that just seems to stop when she is sick.
{Who knows how many times I actually wash down that island a day}

Just thought I would share it with you all {and especially you M} 
Glad I'm feeling better! 
P.S. the island was cleaned up shortly after I took that picture with my camera phone. 
{Ahhh... back to normal!}


*Look at this cute little idea I spotted {Here 
so doing this for my girls. 
-photo from the eighteen25 blog- 
{I would have given Miss Mace & Audji lots of punches for helping me last week!} 


Rebecca Leigh Hall said...

hahaha.....I love it. That is how it usually looks when I show up with stuff for you and it all gets dumped on the island when I walk in the red door.

Popcorn....I'm guess that is was Mace & Audji ate the whole time you were out of commission. Popcorn and cupcakes, a winning combo. :)

Glad you and Miss Em are feeling better.

Rebecca Leigh Hall said...

Wow...should have re-read that before I posted it.

I'm guessing that is what Mace & Audji....

Melissa Vines said...

I LOVE your barstools! Where did you find them?

Honeybee said...

Melissa, I got them from Sundance Catalog but I think you can find them on Amazon or Overstock for less, at least you could awhile ago, wish I would have known that before I ordered mine ;) I Love them though!

The Skiing Wallaces said...

I absolutely love it!!!!!! Thanks for the shout-out! I have been without the internet for the past 11 days and have been absolutely DYING! So what a treat to hop onto one of my favorite blogs & see a post dedicated to MOI! MISS YOU & love you!

Honeybee said...

Haha, Mandy! So glad you saw the post & that you are now hooked up with the internet & the rest of the world! :) Hope you are all settled in & doing well- we miss seeing the Wallaces in the "hood" Keep leaving me comments so we can stay in touch :)