We hit a Honeyhole!


Back to share a fun trip I took recently with my oldest daughter.  I checked her out of school early one Friday to go on a "field trip" of sorts junking & antiquing.  She loves it just as much as I do. When I picked her up at the school I noticed an Estate Sale sign right in the center of town so we decided to go explore it.  So glad we did!  
-Our load!-   
This is the picture on IG that I posted of the haul we made.  AWESOME!  What was even more awesome is when I posted the pic someone commented telling me that it was her Grandparents stuff that we had bought.  So sweet!   It was fun to chat back & forth a bit about a few things I learned about her grandparents just by seeing what there was in their home.  So fun to be able to do that, so glad she commented. 

You know I'm a sucker for vintage pop bottles & I hit the mother load at this house.  You could tell they LoVED Coke & Diet Coke because there were bottles {some even still full} of pop everywhere.  I was in heaven.  Snagged this case of 23 Diet Coke bottles up for a steal & we'll see what I do with them. Stay tuned! 

 These are legit, thick glass bottles with lots of curves.  Wish they still did things like they used too. 
 Lately I'm loving vintage, old tin food containers.  I don't know why but I got these 3 for $1 each so would could resist.  The bottom green sugar tin was used for her sugar.  Loved the color & the size. 

 I told you... more bottles!  Mace found these on our 2nd trip back in to look around {I'll tell you why in a bit}  The minute I picked them up & saw Santa on them I said, "Yep, we're taking these too"  Can't wait to put them out for the holidays & stick poinsettias inside of them.  
 Snagged these books up for a buck each too. Books I remember being in my Grandma's home that she read to us.  Put Me in The Zoo, is one of my all-time favorites.  Hope you have that in your home, if not run out & get it!  Your kids will love it.  
 I also am smitten with vintage records. The covers are just so charming & timeless. I love to display them on mantles & shelves. I have too many Christmas ones to count.  I just can't turn them down.  The Fiddler on the Roof is up in Macey's room because of her love for music & acting. 
 Ok, lookie here!  This is the reason that I went back in.  I had spotted this duo of foxes out by their garage & took the smaller one.  When we loaded up the car from our first trip I just couldn't stop thinking about the bigger fox & had to go back & get him. {One of them would be going to a different home & I just knew that one needed to come home with me}  I think they are so cute!  Old metal containers, yard sticks & the real deal horse trophies from the 1930's round out this shot.  When I picked up the trophies to get a closer look I could tell they were old because of the weight of them, they are HeaVY not the cheap plastic they are made with today. Another thing I wish they would do the old fashioned way.  
 Scored some pretty milk glass vases. Can't wait for my peonies to bloom so I can put them in here. 

We also went & checked out Smith & Edwards yard. What a fun day spent with this one.  Glad we like to do the same thing & have an eye & an appreciation for all the old stuff.  

Sometimes it's ok to miss a couple of hours of school to do the things you love. 
{Did the school teacher in me just actually say that? }  
She got an education that day, trust me.  Doing something your passionate about & enjoy makes life fun. I heard someone say once, "Find what you love to do & then figure out a way to make money at it" Good advice. Excited to see what this one decides to do in the next few years.  



We interrupt this blog.... for Summer!

Are your kids out of school?  Is Summer in full swing at your house?  Well mine are & it is with a bunch of stuff added on the side too. I wanted to let you know that if blog posts start becoming few & far between there are lots of reasons for that.

  Let me give you a few: 

1- SuMMER in general.  It's not as easy to blog when the kids are home & need to be ran here & there & a bizillion activities to get too each day.  You can stay in touch daily by following me on Instagram if you aren't already.  

2- Vacations!  We have a lot coming up this summer as a family that we are super excited about.  Going to be adding lots of postcards & sand to our collections.  

3- ALT conference {WHaT!?} 
Yes, I was one of the lucky few to WiN a ticket to this amazing conference through an IG contest. I never win anything.  I may have squealed out loud when I was notified. Still can't believe it.  So excited to attend!  

4- Something NeW & fabulous is about to happen.  I gave a sneak peek on Instagram a couple of weeks ago & wanted to mention it to you all on here. My lips are sealed right now but don't worry I'll soon let the cat out of the bag& share all the details with you very soon {June 2nd in fact!} 

5- Studio 5.  I'm going to be on the 26th of June sharing some of my favorite Summer recipes that are perfect for BBQ's, family parties or just Sunday dinners.  So good, can't wait to share! 

Not to mention birthdays {everyone but my hubby's special day is during the Summer} anniversary, holidays, family time, camping & much much more that might take me away from my computer for awhile.  Stay with me, I'll try to keep in touch during the Summertime.  Anyone else feel the same?  So much too do & sometimes it feels like so little time. 

Are your calendars marked for The {Fall} Hive?  If not grab a pen or pencil & jot it down!  September 18,19 & 20th It's going to be fantastic.  Can't wait for September to arrive.  Having so much fun planning it all out in my mind. 
{so far it all looks amazing! ;) }



Scrumptious Pound Cake & Vertical Cake Toppers


  Summer is almost here & I'm sharing a fabulous recipe for a delicious pound cake that will go perfectly with any kind of party, celebration or Summertime BBQ  you have coming up.  

This cake is a Quigley family tradition that seems to show up at family get togethers & celebrations.  Miss Mace has had this as her birthday cake for I don't know how many years. She loves it! Just too perfect for a Summertime birthday when it some with her favorite fruit {strawberries} stuffed in the center.  

-Nothing like a hand written recipe card.Yes, I still have a good old fashioned recipe box too- 
From the looks of things I guess I like to have a lot of color in my kitchen.  My latest Collection/Obsession sends me over the moon, all those colors. Scored the yellow one at an Estate Sale the other day.
-You don't need a colorful bundt pan to make this recipe, but it doesn't hurt either!- 

-------Sour Cream Pound Cake *-------

Place in mixer & cream together: 

1 C. Butter {softened}
2 3/4 C. Sugar 
Add eggs into sugar mixture one at a time then add vanilla.
6 Eggs 
1/2 tsp. Vanilla 
Add soda & salt into the mixture. Next add, alternating between the two, the flour & sour cream until all is added to the mixture. 
1/4 tsp. Baking Soda 
1/2 tsp. Salt 
3 C. Flour, sifted 
1 C. Sour Cream 
Bake in a well greased & floured bundt pan at 350 degrees.  For 55-70 minutes, depending on your oven. Set timer for 55 minutes & then check, with a cake tester, the middle of the cake to see if it is done.  
-Cooling, before it comes out of the pan. Wish there was a scratch & sniff for blogs. Because.....MMMmmmm! - 
Whenever I make this cake I serve it up the very same every time! It's so simple & sweet. Lightly dust the top with powdered sugar then place plump, gorgeous ripe Strawberries in the center, serve with a dollop of whip cream on the side {this is a must!} & dig in.  You  can serve it with ice cream, of coarse, but we prefer whip cream in this house. 

Look how yellow & light this cake is.  The cake is so good on the inside & out.  Our favorite part to eat is the crust & crumbs, delicious! 
-So pretty served up for any kind of summer occasion- 

If you're serving the pound cake for a birthday or celebration of some sort, add a vertical cake topper to send this delicious thing over the top.  Super easy to make using this & that's that you already have around the house. 

We've all seen the banners that go across the cake but this is a new twist that takes the mini banners to new heights!  I love the way they turned out. I just used skewers then added ribbons, stickers & paper scraps to create the toppers. Easy! Add some handwritten messages if you want & you're good to go.  A simple charming detail that makes a big statement. 



I told you...


Thermos are a great thing to collect.  Just look at this delightful colorful wall.... I'm in LoVE! 
  Seeing this today just made my heart happy.  
{It also made collecting all those thermos I have been all seem worth it!}

-Photo from
So of coarse I pinned this to one of my boards.  What a fabulous party or entertaining idea this is.  Can't wait to build me a wall {The hubby will be thrilled!} 

See what else I love to use thermos for {HERE

Have a wonderful weekend. 


Jot it down


  I posted this pic on Instagram today & got quite a bit of feedback & interest, so I thought I'd share this with all of you on the blog too.  
{Follow me at @hollyhocksandhoneybees} 

This was my Mother's Day gift from 2 years ago.  My daughter, Macey, created & decorated this notebook for her & I to share notes back & forth in. It has been a great thing for us.  It started out as a simple spiral notebook that she transformed & is now filled up with heart felt messages, great discussions & funny memories written down in here.  

One of the things I like best about this journal is that when one of us is done writing in it we leave it in an unexpected place for the other to find.  This notebook has turned up in the fridge before, in a cupboard, the pantry, in the car, under a pillow, in the medicine cabinet just to name a few spots.  Macey knew that Monday is laundry day in our house so she placed it in the laundry basket for me to find when I sorted out all the dirty clothes.  Made my day to find it!  
{Sneaky girl!}  

Just wanted to share this simple gift idea that has turned into quite a treasure over the years.  Would be a great thing to do for a child's birthday, a gift to a friend or even between sisters or a Mom that lives far away. Would be wonderful to mail back & forth for a fun communication long distance.
{A few of my followers even said that they do that now with sisters, friends & parents.  How sweet!}   

I love to journal & write down things.  I guess I'm old school when it comes to that stuff, something about handwriting that is just so timeless & priceless. 
*Do you like to handwrite letters or journal? 



Serving up some good news!


  So happy that I can answer a question for you that I get asked all the time. You know I have a cake stand collection, right?  Well.. of coarse I do, I collect just about everything under the sun!  Cake stands have been one of the very first things I started collecting & accumulating over the years.  I use them for just about everything... oh, & I ALWAYS serve cakes on them too.  

I got these specific tin ones years ago.  I love them!  I always receive emails & comments asking where I got them from. I always reply that I don't know because I ordered them online & can't remember from where.  Well.... guess what. You are all now in luck & can get your very own.  

I went into the fabulous shop To Market last week & to my delight they had a whole bunch of them set out in their amazing displays & they are for SALE.  Run, ladies, run!!  
-5 North Main Street in Kaysville.  Open Wend-Sat 11-6. By the way isn't that the cutest store front?-  
I couldn't wait to share the news & told the sweet owners, Melanie & Holly I would sent everyone their way.  So be sure to tell them hi from the Honeybee! 
{I love supporting local businesses & friends!} 

The cake stands vary in height & size so you may want to pick up a couple. {Careful:  that's how collections start!}  When I ordered mine, I got two.  The tall skinny one & the traditional round cake size one.  So great!! 

While you're there check out their amazing NEW chalk & clay paint that just arrived.  I think they are only the 2nd store to carry Cece Caldwell's paint in Utah.  WoW!!  They just set it all out today, go take a peek. 

Thanks for stopping by & happy shopping! 



Mark your calendars & you're welcome.

  I went to Fleattitude last weekend & had a grand time.  You might have seen some pics that I posted on Instagram.  Everything that I talked about on Studio 5 was there- thermos', wooden ironing boards, vintage baking pans {yes, I got another one!} children's school chairs, globes... everything!  If you missed it don't fret because look. 

There's another one coming up on August 9th.  Go ahead & just mark your calendars now.  By the way how adorable are these little reminder cards stuck on vintage playing cards.  Jenn & Cathie are genius! 

While you've got your calendar out go ahead & jot all these dates down.  There is lots of great flea markets & shows coming up. 

This is another fabulous find I got at Fleattitude.  Just what a honeybee who loves bracelets & vintage needs!  This is made by the talented duo of Steve & Joni Bateman.  Vintage silverware & an old bus token coin with a bumble bee in the center.  Too perfect!  I just had to get it once I laid eyes on it. 
{If you're interested in one of their designs or see what show they will be at next email them-}

Have you gone antique shopping, stopped by a yard sale or went antiquing lately?  
{I hope so!}



Hello May!


The Sale is now CLOSED!  Thanks to everyone who ordered. Invoices have been sent out.  THaNKS! 

  Yay, it's May! Oh, my goodness Summertime is almost here.  I love this time of year & the excitement & anticipation that May seems to bring along with it's arrival.  

Since I'm not hosting a Summertime Hive this year I still wanted to offer a few things for sale that I think turned out super cute.

Time to start thinking about thank you's & what to give Teachers as an end of a year gift
{they really do deserve something nice, don't you think?} 
I rounded up a few of my favorite H&H things & had teachers in mind when I created them.  They are simple, cheerful & useful.   But keep in mind these are also great gifts to give a friend or to spruce up your home decor with too. 

The ever popular {they seem to sell out at The Hives} H&H magnet sets. This time around the collection is all bright & colorful.  Each set comes with 6 magnets & they will vary in colors, prints & patterns.  So.... if you have 3 teachers on your gift giving list guess what- they'll each get a unique set.  Or... if you have a neighbor you need to give a gift too & you want a set for yourself guess what... no two will look alike, so you're good!  

 H&H blocks are always a hot seller too. I love these school themed blocks.  Paired up in groups of 2 but please feel free to order one set or two to mix & match, stack up, give away or display in your home.  Any teacher would love to have these out in their classroom, office or in their home I'm sure.  

-Block size 3 1/2 x3 1/2- 

If you can't decide & just want them all here you go!  Look how cute they all look stacked up. Would look fabulous on a shelf, desk or cabinet in your home.