Something's blooming!!


I guess April Showers {Snow} can bring May flowers! I am just in love with these little {paper, buttoned, wood, plastic, bottle-capped} flowers I have been playing with. I have had such a fun time creating each little blossom. {As I watched the snow fall outside my studio window- what's up with that??} Anyway besides what the weather is like outside I have felt like Spring & Summer are right around the corner with Hollyhocks & Honeybees latest creations. I love the mix/match feel to each little bunch of flowers. By the way what do you think about the new bead board frames?

You can find all these creations blooming at Piper & Chloe this weekend & more will be sprouting up at The Hive on the 13th & 14th of May. {More info. coming soon about that- Check back next week for all the "buzz" & a give away}

I'm happy to have everything set up at Piper & Chloe {I'm tired} & I'm looking forward to serving a hot meal to my family & cleaning my house :)



Signs of the times


You can tell when I am getting ready for a show when:
1- There is a pile of dirty dishes in the kitchen sink

2- There is piles of unfolded laundry on my bed {usually it is all washed, folded & ready to put away when the girls get home from school}

3- When I haven't cooked a good hot meal for my family in a week- sorry guys!

4- When I don't do my hair or make-up each day.

5- When there is NO FOOD in the fridge & no snacks in the pantry {the kids like to let me know that}

6-When I have paint & stain under my fingernails

7-I haven't dusted my house in awhile :)

8-I haven't posted anything on my blog for a week! {I still wonder if there is anyone out there who checks this little spot?}

9-When my studio island looks like this-
{I even straightened it up a little before I took the picture :)}
Hope to see you at Piper & Chloe this Fri. & Sat or at The Hive 2 weeks after that!
{It's good to be busy, right?!}

Junky Bistro anyone?


Just wanted to share another picture of the Junky Bistro I had at my home in Feb. When I came across them they just made me smile :) I loved the colors of the globes & the mix of metal, glass, wood. You can't see it very well but we {my friend Nicole & I } wrote the menu on the old window pane & framed it with a newspaper border.

** Notice the arrangement of flowers in the thermos- love that idea! I picked up that Thermos at the D.I. for $4 because I liked the color.


Off to the Market!


I just wanted to let you know about a fun Market with lots of little treasures & finds this Saturday in West Haven. I'm going to be there, not selling, just shopping! {you might want to come early if you want all the good stuff ;) } It is run by my dear friend, Sheryl & her daughter Karah. They are both super creative & are masters at finding junk & turning it into something wonderful. If you want more information & directions go here for more details.

See you at the Market!


Birds + branches + keys & cupcakes =inspiration!


Just got home from a nice, relaxing, sunshiny vacation with my family & some friends. We enjoyed lounging by the pool, hiking in the red rocks of Southern Utah & sleeping in {isn't that what a vacation is for?}

I have 2 BIG shows coming up {Piper & Chloe & The Hive no. 2} & I have been waiting for some creative inspiration for about 2 weeks now- AUGH! I don't like to force myself to be creative or make things I like to wait & find some inspiration & go from there. {But I am really cutting it close} I think I received some when I walked into 25 Main in St. George this weekend. I went in just wanting to try a yummy cupcake w/ friends but instead saw lots of charming little this & that's to make me happy! :) The whole theme of this bakery/eatery is birds, branches, blues, turquoises & the #25 everywhere! Bold vinyl graphics of birds & branches on the walls, on the T-shirts of the employees & even some sweet live chirping birds in a birdcage in the front window.
I just took a few pictures wish I had more {I'm still in that nervous awkward stage of taking out my camera & taking lots of pictures to blog about- I'll try to do better!:) } but the few I have are goodies.

1- Loved this fabric on the back of all the booths, so springy & sweet & then I fell in LOVE with the lampshades that hanged over each little booth.
2- What a clever idea!! Get a basic shade & glue keys inside the shade for a dramatic shadow effect. {I might make me a couple of these for my living room} 3- Last but not least is the cupcakes-tasty!! I highly recommend the Coconut-so good! I loved the toasted coconut that they put on top {there isn't a picture of that one because I ate it :) } I wanted to try one of each, they have a wide selection that changes daily. *I also went into Urban Renewal with some friends. Oh my gosh!! I loved the style, the way they displayed everything {a giant old playground slide with stuffed animals sliding down} it was so whimsy, retro & fun! Wish I would have taken photos there- I'll have to go back soon ;)
Hope something may have inspired you too- I'm off to create!

Change is good!!


Did you notice anything different? I am happy to reveal the new logo/look for H&H in twenty-ten. Yea!! I love all the colors, they just make me happy. I am so into the turquoise right now & can't get enough of it. I am pleased with the whole look, the fonts & style of all the designs. A big thank you to my friend Holly for putting it all together for me {& putting up with all the requests & changes that I had :) } You can learn more about her business here.

I can't believe that Hollyhocks & Honeybees has been around for 10 years now. {Time flies when you're having fun} I have loved the old logo, that I designed with no computer or fancy schmancy stuff 10 years ago, but have been ready for a change for quite some time now. This logo, on the right, will be the labels that will be the finishing touch on the backs of all my little creations.

This is the front of my new business cards. I am thrilled with how they turned out! I love that it looks like a frame, very clever! I like the bee in the background & am happy to see the est. 2000 on the front, it makes me proud!

I really enjoy listening to the songs on my play list, I hope you do too. I love to open up my blog & just listen to the songs as I clean the house, make dinner or surf the web. I love the song "The Honey Tree" the first time I heard it one phrase really stood out to me & I have tried to focus on it this year as I think about my business & doing things a little bit different & it is -
Skies look brighter, I can feel, feel the change, feel the change....
& it feels good!


My Devil-ish side!

This post will be in blue in honor of my beloved Duke Blue Devils winning the 2010 National Championship on Monday night. As many of you know I am a huge Duke Basketball fan {see 58 things post} I have been since the 6th grade. No rhyme or reason why I am other than I saw them playing on TV one time, saw the blue & white uniforms, thought they looked like a nice team {thanks to my upbringing of loving BYU football which also wears blue & white} I just started following them.
I never thought that one day I would get to:

-travel to Durham, No. Carolina {3 times}
-attend 2 games in Cameron Indoor {I've seen them play in person 7 times}
-walk around the Duke campus {which is gorgeous by the way}
-go into the Perkins Library on campus hold & read from a 1st edition Book of Mormon
-walk onto the court of Cameron Indoor Stadium
-dine with some of the players after a game in the Bull Durham lounge at the Washington Duke Inn {ok, they were at the table right next to us!}
- kiss the D at half court. {I told you I am a huge fan!}
-and meet Coach K, with my Schoompy, in 2001 at a Conference where he was the key note speaker.

None of those things would have been possible without my terrific husband who arranged flights, pulled a few strings to get tickets & has supported this obsession & helped me reach a few of my goals- Thanks Ty! :)
I love to watch & enjoy the games with my 3 girls, receive congratulatory texts from friends {as well as some taunting & teasing if it doesn't go Duke's way} calls from my Mom, sisters & little nephew D, who has turned into quite a fan. I even make Devils Food Cake, from scratch, each BB season. I got the recipe from Foster's Market, a charming little eatery in Durham {I have to go there every time we visit!}
When we turned off the TV, after the Championship game, the girls turned to me & asked, "what are we going to do each week now?" They had so much fun making banners, signs, cheering, doing cartwheels & watching the games. I'm sure we will find something to fill up the time before next season starts :)

I'm looking forward to planning a trip soon to Durham {with my girls} to see the 4th Championship banner hanging up in Cameron. What a great basketball season-GO DUKE!


GReaT to be 8!


I am really enjoying posting all these ideas about my numbers! I hope you have enjoyed them too. Be sure to leave a comment telling me which idea you have liked the best or tell me how you would use a # or #'s in your home {maybe I'll even give a # away! ;}

Here is something NEW from H&H- A Member Since Baptism frame! Thanks to my SWeeT neighbor Jane for being the cute model pictured in the frame & for being such a great buddy to A&E {Thanks to her Mom also for letting me design the 1st frame for Jane's special day} What a fun commemorative way to celebrate the day & to display in your home or in your child's bedroom. I think the #8 is the perfect accessory to go along with it. 8 is such a SPeCiaL birthday & it would nice to remember it all year long by having it up in their bedroom. You could even snap a shot of your child holding the 8 & frame a picture of that, so MaNY possibilities {have I said that before :)}

A Member Since frame- $24 +tax
Each frame, 5x7 size, is white with hand stamped black letters.
Please allow 7-10 days for delivery. PLAN ahead if you would like to order one.
White #8- $10 +tax
If you would like to order anything just send me an email!
I'm looking forward to making 2 of these in July for A&E's special day. It just happens to be the same day I got baptized 28 years ago. Pretty neat I think & we're planning to celebrate with fireworks in the evening. Can't wait!
Hope you all have a Happy Easter Weekend- I'm off to bake sugar cookies-yum!


The 4-1-1


I wanted to give everyone the 4-1-1 on the H&H number sets since I have had some emails about price & how to order them. So here it is {I didn't even realize that 411 tied into today's date until I typed it, I guess it's meant to be today's post :) }

The number sets can be ordered by contacting me at Each set includes numbers 0-9 that can either be painted or mix & matched with paper patterns on some numbers. {colors will vary unless specific colors are requested} Size of numbers will vary too {largest number is 11 1/4 by 10 1/4 smallest is 10 1/4 by 5 1/4}

Price for 0-9 painted- $100. +tax

Price for 0-9 set Mix & Match {4 #'s with paper}- $106 + tax

I will have some sets available for sale at Piper & Chloe on April 30 & May 1st & later in May at The Hive No.2 {more details to come!} Let me know if you are interested in ordering a set, so many fun possibilities to do with them. I'll be posting a NEW favorite way to use a # along with a NEW H&H frame design tomorrow so check back!

p.s. I like comments! ;)