Change is good!!


Did you notice anything different? I am happy to reveal the new logo/look for H&H in twenty-ten. Yea!! I love all the colors, they just make me happy. I am so into the turquoise right now & can't get enough of it. I am pleased with the whole look, the fonts & style of all the designs. A big thank you to my friend Holly for putting it all together for me {& putting up with all the requests & changes that I had :) } You can learn more about her business here.

I can't believe that Hollyhocks & Honeybees has been around for 10 years now. {Time flies when you're having fun} I have loved the old logo, that I designed with no computer or fancy schmancy stuff 10 years ago, but have been ready for a change for quite some time now. This logo, on the right, will be the labels that will be the finishing touch on the backs of all my little creations.

This is the front of my new business cards. I am thrilled with how they turned out! I love that it looks like a frame, very clever! I like the bee in the background & am happy to see the est. 2000 on the front, it makes me proud!

I really enjoy listening to the songs on my play list, I hope you do too. I love to open up my blog & just listen to the songs as I clean the house, make dinner or surf the web. I love the song "The Honey Tree" the first time I heard it one phrase really stood out to me & I have tried to focus on it this year as I think about my business & doing things a little bit different & it is -
Skies look brighter, I can feel, feel the change, feel the change....
& it feels good!


Nicolle said...

Hi, change is good!? I keep trying to tell myself that. I absolutely love the new logo, very creative by both of you. I'm very happy to have many original H&H frames from the beginning. Looks like you are blogging with the best of them, I'm jealous. Think of a blog name for us in the future?? Humm...thinking face!!

Rebecca Leigh Hall said...

I love the new look! All of my favorite colors. :)

It was so much to be at your house the other day and listen to your playlist while everyone was just hanging out.

Nicole Garner McConkie said...

OH, I love this!!! So cute. Fun to have a new look.

Tyler said...

I also love the new logo. I like the style and all of your products are great. Good work!!