It's a good day!

  Happy LeaP Year everyone! 
{Boy, I'm so happy that I have an extra day because I have LoTS to do!! I could use about 5 more days actually ;)}

Look what arrived on my doorstep last week, a sure sign that there is a Hive right around the corner, that's right the famous "imported" candies & sweets.  So delicious!  
-Introducing: Cheescake Carmels {yes, they are as good as they sound} & sour peachy gummy hearts- the perfect combo of peachy & tartness. Pucker up!-

Oh & one more fabulous thing...... 
100 followers {WOW, thanks everyone!} To even make it more exciting my 100th follower left me a comment on her 1st visit to the H&H blog {I LoVE that} & left me a link to her adorable blog.  Check it out- she even lives up in my neck of the woods.  
{Thanks L!}

Off to create, create, create in the H&H shop today. I'll be back tomorrow to announce a GiVEAWAY & also start introducing you to
The {Springtime} Hive 
vendor line up. Be sure to check back!   

Just as I was about to post this the doorbell rang & it was the FedEx man delivery the last box of goodness.  The sweetest smelling package I've ever gotten. 
-Lemon Blueberry Shortbread bites-!-

** I just decided to post a  giveaway over on the H&H FaceBook page for some free sweet treats- go {Here} to enter & be sure to like the page once you get there too!
{hint, hint!}  
An extra day to enter a giveaway only comes around 4 times a year so we better make the most of it- Good Luck! 


Splash of color!

  I'm looking out my window right now & it's dark & gloomy {not to mention windy!}  not to pretty outside & I'm feeling a bit under the weather myself
{I'm so glad I wasn't feeling this way yesterday}
So when I was lying in bed today this little commercial came on & brightened up my day just a bit. 
Watch & enjoy! 
{Oh, & I dare you to try & get the song out of your head after watching ;)} 

Oh, how I adore Target! 
{& I want to go buy the darling striped dress & turquoise 
strappy heels- how fun!} 


A link up!


  Here is a link to my segment today on Studio 5 in case you missed it.  

-Thanks to my friend {& assistant for the day} Terra to snap a picture right before we went on air.-

-Watch the entire segment here.  Just click pause my playlist before you push the play button. 
{p.s. don't try & adjust your color because Brooke & I are wearing the exact same color of pink- how funny! Great minds think alike I guess ;)}

So happy to be part of Studio 5 again {I have to sometimes pinch myself sometimes that I've been on live TV- really?!}  it's always a relief to have over with & now it's time to frost 28 cupcakes to take up to my daughter's school class & then maybe put my feet up for a sec.  {yeah, right?!}
It's been a great day!

Thanks for watching!

My "Crushes"


  I just wanted to share a sneakie peek at what is packed & ready to take down to the Studio with me today. 
{11:00 on Channel 5 for all you Utah locals} 

If you are new to my blog thanks for stopping by & watching Studio 5 today. 

If there was something you "crushed" on that I presented please let me know. Was it the Layered look, Dry Erase Message Boards, the Frame Marquee or the Flower Frame Centerpiece idea that you liked?  

Remember... what you saw today will be available for SaLE at The Hive in a couple of weeks. 
{March 8th, 9th & 10th at my home on Lilac Lane in beautiful Mt. Green. More info.} 

If you would like to follow what Hollyhocks & Honeybees is up to there are a couple of ways:
-click on the follow button on the right 
-follow along {or like} on FaceBook too. 
- If you would like to be added to my client contact list or to place an order please email me & I'll get in touch with you. 

Hope you enjoyed the Show!


Letter LoVe!


  I'm busy putting all the final touches on, packing up & getting everything together for my segment on Studio 5 tomorrow.  
{I'm so excited--- I have butterflies!}

I can't wait to share with you all something that I am very passionate about. The theme for Studio 5 this month has been, "Crushes" & this is definitely something I have had a crush on for a loooong time.  {Since the year 2000 to be exact} You'll have to tune in to see what I'm talking about tomorrow but here is a little preview...... 
-2 of my favorite things- Frames & Mis match letter love!- 
I really feel like this saying is speaking to me right now in so many ways.  I love it!

So set your DVR's or better yet just stay home, grab an ice water with a slice of lemon {my favorite} sit on the couch & watch Studio 5 tomorrow at 11:00 on KSL Channel 5. 
Now... to go figure out what to wear- hmmm.



My new Motto & HeLP!

I came across my new motto today! It hit me right between the eyes as I walked into Target this afternoon.  
{Don't you just love Target? It always makes me happy}  

Color is everything- it's what is really inspiring me lately, makes me giddy, stirs my creativity & makes me what to buy things.  {I'm sure that's their whole intent ;)} I've been thinking a lot about color lately as I prepare to make things & set up another Hive in a couple of weeks. 
{By the way are you coming? I hope so!} 

I've been inspired by alot of things lately & here are a couple of my favorites. 

-Colorful scrapbook papers always inspire & delight me! This is a picture from a H&H project I did awhile back - 

-Streamers & balloons- LoVE it, so stinky cute!-

I must be craving for SPRiNG to arrive & bright colors to begin to pop up. I'm sure it will happen before too much longer.. at least The Hive will be bright & cheerful. {So excited!} 

& now for your HeLP!  
My hubby & I moved some furniture around this weekend & decided that we want to paint our front entry wall a new color & a different color than the rest of the house.  But we don't know what color or shade to go with. 
?Honeybee wants to know- 
What is your favorite paint color? 
-Bad pic I know, but it was easier to just grab my phone than get out the camera. But you get the idea, I hope-
I'm open to suggestions.  I kind of want to do something unexpected & a bit bold but don't know if I dare. {do I?} 
The color of the rest of our home is Graceful Gold
{a yellowish, tan color}  
I would love to hear your suggestions.  

Thanks & hope you have a colorful day!
{Did you know the official color of 2012 is Tangerine Tango?} 



411 on The Hive


  By now you might have seen this ticket stub up on my sidebar & you might be wondering what it's all about especially if you've never had the pleasure of coming to a Hive before. 
Well..... let me tell you. 

The Hive is an idea I came up with 2 years ago about getting a few of my creative friends together under one roof to showcase amazing vintage, one of a kind, charming products along side of my  Hollyhocks & Honeybees products.  It has changed & evolved each time which I am happy to say has taught me lessons & I've learned what to try to do better at each Hive.  
{Since this is #5, look-out!  It's going to be amazing!}

I don't like to use the word "boutique" {so I won't anymore} just because I feel it gets overused & brings to mind a collection of tons of vendors all squished into one space. 
{I have used it just because people have an idea that it is at least more than one person selling their goods}
-Picture from a past Hive in 2011- 
So that being said The Hive is a delightful little marketplace of amazing goods made by talented, creative women who I enjoy welcoming into my home.  
-A full Hive on opening night. Doors opened at 6:00 & it was packed with busy shoppers by 6:10- Love it!! - 
I get giddy when I start thinking about hosting a Hive. The atmosphere & energy that comes opening night & it gives me a rush of excitement!  I love meeting everyone that comes through the door & am grateful for the connections I have formed as a result of hosting such an amazing event 2 times a year.  If you haven't been before I invite you to give it a try this time.   
-Some H&H creations for SaLE @ The Hive last year- 
Take the beautiful drive up to Mt. Green 
{up Weber Canyon nestled between Ogden & Layton} 
shop, mingle, be inspired by the fabulous goods you'll see, treats you'll get to sample & decor galore. 
{Maybe go for lunch or dinner at Taggart's afterwords while 
you're up here- one of my favorites!}

This year I'm doing something a bit different
{those learning lessons I told you about}
For the 1st time ever The Hive will be a 3 day event.  I've listened to those of you who have asked for extended times & days that never seem to be able to make it in the past- so here you go!  
{I expect to see many of you up here!! Hint, Hint! ;)} 

So go ahead pick a day, any day to come up to The Hive
Thurs. March 8th- 6:30-9:00 p.m. 
Fri. March 9th- 10:00- 4:00 p.m.
Sat. March 10th- 10:00- 1:00 p.m.
{at 4011 Lilac Lane in Mt. Green} 

I'm excited to introduce the vendor line up to you soon. 
Some old friends & NeW ones to introduce to you.  
Thanks for letting me tell you a bit about something I adore hosting 2x's a year. 


**Don't forget to watch Studio 5 this Friday at 11:00 on Channel 5 to see what I've been  "crush"ing on & what will be available for SaLE at 
The {Springtime} Hive
{So excited!!} 


NeWs- letters & numbers!


  By the look of things in the H&H craft room I must have 
a project up my sleeve. So excited to share it with you all 
next Friday at 11:00 on 
{set your DVR's now!}  

-Ooh, I love mis match letters of all shapes & sizes to play with- 

& be sure to mark your calendars for The Hive coming March 8,9 & 10th because what I will be talking about on Studio 5 will all be available to purchase at The Hive.
{more details to come soon on that- Hooray!}  

I was invited to a special event put on my Studio 5 a couple of weeks ago that really inspired me & made me think outside the box a bit for my upcoming segment.  I can't wait to show you what I've been "crush"-ing lately on the #1 lifestyle show in Utah & the #1 in the Nation for locally produced lifestyle shows- WOW!  
How amazing is that, right here in Utah!! 
  Way to go everyone at KSL. 
-Such a great day- full of bright fun colors, big balloons & lots of yummy tasty treats. Oh, my goodness so good!-  

?Honeybee wants to know- Are you a regular Studio 5 watcher?  I hope so! 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!  



  Happy Hearts Day! 
What a wonderful day- so many little joys & bliss happening all around. Loved starting the day with my girls opening up their heart pouches & can't wait to spend the evening with my husband & girls at our traditional Valentines dinner event. So excited! 

I'm still reeling from the fun day I had yesterday with the Cultivate girls.  Like I mentioned earlier we each made a candy decorated box filled with goodies, treats & little trinkets to exchange with a member of our group. 
{Go {Here} to see everyones' box} 

I was just as excited to give a box as I was to receive one. I loved putting together a box for Sheryl
-This is a close-up of the glittered coffee filter flower I gave my friend, Sheryl.  There was even a little personal message for her when she pulled on the petals of the flower. I thought it was a sweet little touch- 

I was lucky to receive a gift from my dear talented friend, Haley
{Many of you might know her because I have recommended, introduced & shared her with many of you- because she is an amazing photographer who my family adores!} 
-Anticipation of opening my red box- 

-Oh, my Goodness- look at all that stuff!!- 

What a fabulous box I recieved- it was filled to the brim with chocolates {homemade... HeLLO!!} that were delicious. She knows me too well ;) 

-I loved the sweet photo strip of my family that she created 
-a sweet dainty necklace with the 5 Q's engraved on it

-a garland made out of yo-yo's- so cute!
-some fun new stamps- with a Bee of coarse 

-last but not least.... a Mary Poppins magnet & vintage Christmas ornaments. 
{she said that Pinterest is the BEST resource when you have to give a gift. Look on it to see what people really like- great IDea!} 

Oh, I almost forgot Honeybee book she gave me & a sweet little note that I'll always treasure. 

THaNKS Haley, for making my day & for all my Cultivate girls who inspire & fill me with joy everytime we get together. 

I'm so grateful to have a wonderful family & friends who make me smile, make my heart sing & that I want to spend time with.  So lucky to be surrounded by so many amazing people in my life. 

Ok, I'm off to get ready for our Quigley Valentines' Dinner. One of my Favorite nights of the year! 


Tied up with string


  Less than 24 hours before the BiG day!  I can't wait.  I really truly love this day of LoVE. My girls ask how many days until Valentines Day on Christmas before it's ever officially over. It's probably because we have some wonderful traditions around here that we look forward to each year.  

I shared a couple of our traditions with you last year 
{& guess what?  We are still doing all of them again this year} 
Here is a link to a few posts you might enjoy that explain a little bit about why I adore this holiday so much. 

{we are gearing up to do this tradition tonight!}  

I'm excited today to be taking this little gift  
to my Cultivate friend, Sheryl. 
{Sorry, I can't show you what's inside- I don't want to ruin the surprise in case Sheryl is reading ;)} 
-I had so much fun decorating the top- not to mention filling it up with all the sweet goodies inside- Eeee!-
 I'm meeting up with all the Cultivate girls for lunch today & we are exchanging a decorated heart box filled with little goodies, treats & lovely things that we each made to give someone else- it's going to be so fun!  Can't wait to see all the boxes because I'm sure that everyone's will be so cute, unique & charming.  
{I'll have to post pictures later} 

Have a happy one! 




  I opened up my email tonight to find a bizzillion notification emails from Pinterest.  I guess it turns out that this just might be the most popular pin I have ever pinned & it comes right from my house. {how exciting is that?!}  

This windowpane/dry erase board hangs in my closet & I get to see it every day.  It's got colorful pictures on it to inspire me, love notes from my Hubby & girls & just little this & that's that I adore & that make me smile.  
{It has changed a bit since this picture was taken-of coarse Flourish has been replaced by Savor & new little notes & cursive messages have been written- love it!} 

Who knew something as simple as an old window pane & some dry erase markers could turn into something that has been repinned 163 times & received 28 likes.  So Fun!  
I LoVE Pinterest!!