My "Crushes"


  I just wanted to share a sneakie peek at what is packed & ready to take down to the Studio with me today. 
{11:00 on Channel 5 for all you Utah locals} 

If you are new to my blog thanks for stopping by & watching Studio 5 today. 

If there was something you "crushed" on that I presented please let me know. Was it the Layered look, Dry Erase Message Boards, the Frame Marquee or the Flower Frame Centerpiece idea that you liked?  

Remember... what you saw today will be available for SaLE at The Hive in a couple of weeks. 
{March 8th, 9th & 10th at my home on Lilac Lane in beautiful Mt. Green. More info.} 

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Hope you enjoyed the Show!


Lindsay said...

Oh my goodness Melissa, I want ALL OF IT! Seriously, everything was so stinking cute. I will be in lots of trouble at The Hive!

Honeybee said...

Thanks Lindsay! I thought all of it was fun too. Now to get busy & start creating for The Hive- can't wait!