Happy Hearts Day! 
What a wonderful day- so many little joys & bliss happening all around. Loved starting the day with my girls opening up their heart pouches & can't wait to spend the evening with my husband & girls at our traditional Valentines dinner event. So excited! 

I'm still reeling from the fun day I had yesterday with the Cultivate girls.  Like I mentioned earlier we each made a candy decorated box filled with goodies, treats & little trinkets to exchange with a member of our group. 
{Go {Here} to see everyones' box} 

I was just as excited to give a box as I was to receive one. I loved putting together a box for Sheryl
-This is a close-up of the glittered coffee filter flower I gave my friend, Sheryl.  There was even a little personal message for her when she pulled on the petals of the flower. I thought it was a sweet little touch- 

I was lucky to receive a gift from my dear talented friend, Haley
{Many of you might know her because I have recommended, introduced & shared her with many of you- because she is an amazing photographer who my family adores!} 
-Anticipation of opening my red box- 

-Oh, my Goodness- look at all that stuff!!- 

What a fabulous box I recieved- it was filled to the brim with chocolates {homemade... HeLLO!!} that were delicious. She knows me too well ;) 

-I loved the sweet photo strip of my family that she created 
-a sweet dainty necklace with the 5 Q's engraved on it

-a garland made out of yo-yo's- so cute!
-some fun new stamps- with a Bee of coarse 

-last but not least.... a Mary Poppins magnet & vintage Christmas ornaments. 
{she said that Pinterest is the BEST resource when you have to give a gift. Look on it to see what people really like- great IDea!} 

Oh, I almost forgot Honeybee book she gave me & a sweet little note that I'll always treasure. 

THaNKS Haley, for making my day & for all my Cultivate girls who inspire & fill me with joy everytime we get together. 

I'm so grateful to have a wonderful family & friends who make me smile, make my heart sing & that I want to spend time with.  So lucky to be surrounded by so many amazing people in my life. 

Ok, I'm off to get ready for our Quigley Valentines' Dinner. One of my Favorite nights of the year! 

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