A link up!


  Here is a link to my segment today on Studio 5 in case you missed it.  

-Thanks to my friend {& assistant for the day} Terra to snap a picture right before we went on air.-

-Watch the entire segment here.  Just click pause my playlist before you push the play button. 
{p.s. don't try & adjust your color because Brooke & I are wearing the exact same color of pink- how funny! Great minds think alike I guess ;)}

So happy to be part of Studio 5 again {I have to sometimes pinch myself sometimes that I've been on live TV- really?!}  it's always a relief to have over with & now it's time to frost 28 cupcakes to take up to my daughter's school class & then maybe put my feet up for a sec.  {yeah, right?!}
It's been a great day!

Thanks for watching!


Julie said...

I love Studio 5, but I wasn't able to watch it today--glad you posted a link. You did a GREAT job!

Mindy said...

That was fun to watch! Good for you, Melissa! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting it for the non Utahans. You did great! It was so fun to see you. I love when dreams come true!

Candice said...

I loved your segment! What a great idea!! I want to do a marquee board. Love it! You looked so cute too! That pin you were wearing was adorable!

Nicolle said...

Yay!! Great job friend. Darren was funny today! Full of jokes. You really did look darling. We all watched it...Megan is so glad your famous.

Nicole Garner McConkie said...

Way to rock another studio 5 segment! You always do such a great job.
p.s. You look super cute in that pink color

Heather at Happy Chippy Junk said...

Are you kidding me w/ that flower pin!!! Ka Ute!!