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  Less than 24 hours before the BiG day!  I can't wait.  I really truly love this day of LoVE. My girls ask how many days until Valentines Day on Christmas before it's ever officially over. It's probably because we have some wonderful traditions around here that we look forward to each year.  

I shared a couple of our traditions with you last year 
{& guess what?  We are still doing all of them again this year} 
Here is a link to a few posts you might enjoy that explain a little bit about why I adore this holiday so much. 

{we are gearing up to do this tradition tonight!}  

I'm excited today to be taking this little gift  
to my Cultivate friend, Sheryl. 
{Sorry, I can't show you what's inside- I don't want to ruin the surprise in case Sheryl is reading ;)} 
-I had so much fun decorating the top- not to mention filling it up with all the sweet goodies inside- Eeee!-
 I'm meeting up with all the Cultivate girls for lunch today & we are exchanging a decorated heart box filled with little goodies, treats & lovely things that we each made to give someone else- it's going to be so fun!  Can't wait to see all the boxes because I'm sure that everyone's will be so cute, unique & charming.  
{I'll have to post pictures later} 

Have a happy one! 

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