What makes me TiCK...


  Have you ever wondered what's going on inside my head
{ALOT of stuff lately- it seems to be spinning!} 
what really inspires, makes me smile & motivates me.  
Well you can learn a lot about me {Here
even if you don't really know  me. 

Check it out & see what you think you can learn about me by just looking at pictures.  

*Leave me a comment telling me one thing  
you can tell about me just by looking at that board 
{You just might find out what my favorite movie & some TV shows are, what I like to eat, my decorating style, my favorite season & maybe my favorite thing to drink} 
& I'll send one lucky person 
 a sweet package chuck full of goodness 
{use it to make V-Day cards, decorate or package up baked goods} 
to help you just in time for Valentines Day. 
{sound good? I'll draw out a winner on Saturday.}  

Ok, on your mark get set GO
{You might even "PiN" something that is a favorite for you to- you never know! Maybe we have something in common.} 


Just because I LoVE all my blog readers so much- 
You can also leave a comment on the H&H FaceBook page for another chance to WiN!

I guess I should show you what you'll win- 
a sweet little stash of this & that 
{bakers twine, sticker letters, vintage Valentine garland, cupcake toppers, bingo cards & more! } 
-Happy February!- 


Julie said...

I have surmised that you love Julie Andrews. Did you grow up singing along to The Sound of Music and Mary Poppins records just like I did?

Natalie said...

Vintage and Industrial LOVE!!! I thought you would get a kick out of the fact that even though we just met a few months ago - i was at the fabric store today - saw some vintage fabric and actually thought - "Melissa would love this" ha ha
Love Mary Poppins and Sound of Music - childhood favs!

Candice said...

You love clocks and owls and all sorts of vintage loveliness! I love that board!

Nicole Garner McConkie said...

You are SO creative. I love how you use paint samples for cards. Such a cute idea. You are so good at finding a use for out of the ordinary items.

The Skiing Wallaces said...

This is maybe sorta sad- I think I already knew all that about you. Perhaps I am a bit of a blog stalker? Oh dear. But I did repin a few fun things, my favorite was Ross from friends saying "PIVOT!" That's my favorite friends episode of all time. (Ok, that & when they play the 'who knows each other best gameshow')

Dave and Jenny McConnel said...

Not sure if it's cheating since I know some of the answers already. You are a DIE HARD Duke and BYU Fan! You're favorite movie is The Sound of Music and one of your favorite TV shows is Seinfeld. (But I guess those are all pretty obvious jsut looking at your pin account) I'd love to see you and my husband play Seinfeld Scene It because we never play with him cause he knows all the answers. I'm patiently waiting for my Pin request to come in so I can follow you on Pinterest too!

Anonymous said...

You love vintage goods, your cute kids, and The OFfice. That is my very favorite too.

Heather Williams said...

You find in simple things and you appreciate things with character and a few gray hairs (antiques!) You are like me, a bit nostaligic when it comes to things with a great past, leaving you with a big question...who and where was this used? what is the story behind this.

Heather Williams said...

you find "joy" in simple things is what i meant:)

Debbie Thompson said...

I too have a sweet Melissa in my life so I also love anything to do with the honeybee!!! A girl after my own heart we both love - cake pedestals, throwing a FABULOUS party, ranunculus, and anything old (with a story) and chippy...

Amber @ Posh Ideas said...

I think you love vintage pieces and have a colllected style. For sure NOT straight out of a catolog. Intersting statement pieces that have a story to tell! Love your style!

Emily said...

heck yes. i love your stuff. pick me.

Honeybee said...

that you love your wonderful daughters:) and musicals! like your first born!!
macey lou

Aleshia said...

you have a love for vintage items as well as I do. And of course family means alot also.