A Glorious Weekend


  Looking forward to relaxing with my family, making a BiG cinnamon petal roll {& eating it right out of the oven} spending time at home & watching this. 

 I love the feeling I get after watching Conference, totally re-charged, ready to re-focus & always feeling so blessed.  I always walk away from watching wanting to try a little harder to do the things that would make me a better person so that I can show more love & kindness more.  So excited to watch, listen, take notes in my journal & hang out in my 
jammies all Sunday morning. 

-Goodbye March 2012, you have been a fabulous month- 
I'm off to pick up what's left of H&H from Primrose & Pearl, what a great show!  I'll be back Monday to announce the winner of the Flourish frame GiVEAWAY!
{Psst..... I already know who won but I'm going 
to keep you all guessing for a bit}
-Thanks to all who entered, that was fun-  





I have to say it's been fun reading the comments from everyone who has entered the GiVEAWAY so far. Especially all you "stalkers" leaving your 1st comment- way to go!! 
{don't you feel good now that you have finally done it? }
I love that you were BRaVE enough to leave a comment. I also love that even the littlest can have a say & tell her Mom what color she would pick- pink, pink, pink!  Good job Maddi :) 
-You have until midnight tonight to still enter below- 

  I wanted to share this darling Spring Party idea that I saw on Studio 5 yesterday. I think it is an "Egg"cellent idea & I can't wait to fill out those cute invites & throw a little Spring party of our own. 
{I'm thinking it will be great with Spring Break next week & my girls home for a few days} 

Such a cute idea!  Thanks to Fifth & Hazel for sharing all the downloads with everyone.  You can get your own downloads to throw a party of your own.  Thanks Melanie for sharing them with everyone- you're so sweet! 
-Go to the Studio 5 website to be linked to the downloads & print them out for yourself- 
-Photo from Fifth & Hazel's blog
So Stinkin' Springtime cute!  Happy Party throwing!
{no egg throwing- allowed!!}



A reason to CeLEBRaTE!

 Yippee, Wa-Hoo, HoorAy & Holla!! 

I think it's time to have a H&H GiVEAWAY to celebrate March before it is gone 
{& that it is the biggest viewed month EvER for my blog!!} 
I just wanted to share my excitement & appreciation with all of my wonderful followers, readers & stalkers
{you know who you are ;)... now is your chance to be BRaVE & leave a comment} 

I'm going to GiVEAWAY one of my new fabulous 
"Flourish" frames. 
An 5x7 size & guess what... YoU pick the Color! 
Just leave a comment below & tell me which color frame you would love to see hanging up in your home. 
{*please, PLeaSE be sure to leave me your email with your comment so that I can notify you in you WiN! }

Which one would you like in your home?

Is it the fresh springy colored Coral {Grace frame} or the traditional & classic {would go anywhere} Grey {Grafton frame}
  or do you like the bright Tourqoiuse {Newport frame} or the fun Mustard {Preston frame} colored frame? 
{personally I love them both & especially together- so cute!} 

The FRaMe GiVEAWAY starts today & will run until Friday {the 30th} at MiDNiGHT. 

GooD LuCK- I can't wait to read your comments.  ReMEMBER all you out of state friends- you can enter too- because I'll send it your way! 
So... what do you think?  Mustard, Tourqoise, Coral or Grey- you get to choose- let me know, be sure to leave a comment!  



Shout-outs from H&H!


If you know me well you know how much I enjoy giving out a thank you note & how I love {& appreciate} recieving one. I've been known to leave them out for quite awhile to 
make me smile. 
 {Plus check out how cute my card holder is right now? love it!}

  A few thank you's are in order from the H&H blog for the fabulous month of MaRCH! What a crazy, fantastic, monumental month it has been for my blog. 
{over 8,700+ peeks at it this month alone!}
I just wanted to give out a few shout-outs for making it all possible. 

- Most referring blog of All- TiME
{Holy Cow- over 1,600 referrals}
-Thanks {A
All this from a friend {who I've never met but hope to one day} who just is nice enough to have the H&H blog link on her sidebar, & to all of the rest of you out there that do the same thing thanks all my blogging friends!-  

- Guest blog posts this month-
- Tausha, Nicole, Amy & London 
-Thanks gals, that was FuN! 
More guest posts to come stay tuned ;)

-Top 5 referring sites of all time- 
1-All things in the West 
2-Jenny McConnell 
5- Hillary Vaughn 

-The HiVE-
 {What do you say we do it all again @ the Holidays??} 
Ooh- I'm sure the Candy Cane Caramels will be back again! 

-Studio 5- 
It didn't hurt that I was able to appear on this popular local show 2 times within 3 weeks. 
WhEW.. so busy & yet so fun too!
You can check out my segments {Here} & {Here

WOW- guess how many times this page & recipe have been viewed so far...... how about a whopping 1, 400 +. 
Isn't that CRaZY!  By the way have you made it yet?  If not you really, really should tonight for a after dinner treat- MmmmM! Get the recipe {Here} & follow my Pinterest boards {Here
-Marshmallow PoPcorn- a family favorite!-
- Primrose & Pearl Giftshow- 
It also has been fun hearing from some of you who have discovered H&H up at this show over the past couple of weeks.  Thanks for stopping by the blog & I hope to see you at an H&H show or Hive sometime soon! 

-Thanks, Gracias, Danka, Kiitos & Merci for stopping by my little blog & discovering a little about my world. 
{I can't believe it's been viewed, peeked at, pinned & checked over 8,300 times this month!} 

Hope you stop by again & again... like especially tomorrow! {wink, wink!} I'll be announcing a giveaway in conjunction with my celebration of the month of March.  You'll want to check back for sure- see you then!!   



Growing Wheat Grass 101


  SPRiNG is in the air!  Don't you love it?  I sure do. I love opening up the doors & windows to let fresh air in, hearing the birds chirping & seeing a bright blue sky.  It makes me feel recharged! 

One of my favorite things to have around the house when Springtime arrives is a little spot of Wheat Grass growing somewhere indoors.  It is super easy to do 
& fun for the kids to watch it grow. 
*Don't worry there is still plenty of time to plant the grass & have it green, lush & beautiful in time for Easter weekend. 

It was fun having little bags of wheat for Sale at The Hive for people to grab, take home & grow. It's also been fun hearing from many of you that it WORKED & that you have enjoyed having it around. 

Step 1-  Buy some wheat berries 
{you can find them at the groc. store usually in the baking aisle by the flour etc.} or you can break into your food storage ;) & get out some red wheat, either way will work. 
Just get a small bag, you won't need a ton unless you have BiG plans. 
-Just wanted to show you a picture of what the Wheat Berries look like- 

Step 2-  Soak the berries {or you can call them seeds} 
Pour a good amount in a large bowl & completely cover with water.  Leave at least for a day.  You might even see little sprouts starting to come out from the little seeds.  This will just speed up the whole growing process.  

Step 3-  Fill up a container {any shape or size} with good potting soil.  Sprinkle seeds on top of the soil. 
{You can put as many as you want, if you really want it thick coat the soil pretty thoroughly} 
Cover with a light layer of soil & water, just using a spray bottle.  You want the soil moist but not completely soaked. 

Step 4- Cover loosely with plastic wrap to keep the soil moist & place the container in the sunlight. 

Step 5- Re-water & re-wrap with plastic wrap a couple times a day. 

Step 6-   When you see the grass sprouting you can uncover the plastic wrap & just continue to water.  At this point the grass will really take off- right before your eyes!  

Step 7- Just continue to water as needed, place decorated Easter eggs in the grass or just place it on a sunny window sill & enjoy looking at the green grass & dreaming of warmer weather.  
{Cut the grass as needed} 

Happy growing! 



A fun way to spend the day


  I thought it would be fun today, since I already had to go check on H&H at Primrose & Pearl, for my girls to invite some of their friends along for a little shopping trip.  
It was so fun to listen to them as they looked around & tried to decide what to buy.  They went back & forth on a few things for awhile before finally deciding on all getting a headband.  Of coarse they asked each other for their advice on which one they should get.  
{Just a preview of many girl shopping trips for these 4 I'm sure} 

We also had to stop by the bun Basket for a sugar cookie before heading home.  Thanks for tagging along with me girls. It was a lot more fun than just going by myself.  

If you haven't been to Secret Haven yet to shop Primrose & Pearl don't worry you still have until next Saturday the 31st to shop.  
It's open everyday {except Sunday} 10:00- 6:00

-Happy Shopping & enjoy the SuNSHiNe. It's so pretty outside!- 



What's in store for today


  Good Morning everyone!  Love to see blue skies & sunshine outside my windows today- let the day begin! 

Have you been to Primrose & Pearl yet at the Rock Loft?  If not go today {it's such a beautiful day} plus I'm going up to re-stock some H&H stuff so maybe I'll run into you up there.  I'm also going to do a little shopping of my own. 
{There is so much darling stuff for sale}  
Call up your girlfriends, load up your car & head on over there for some shopping & lunch today. 

This is a sampling of what I'll be taking up with me today. 
These frames are the perfect way to add a splash of color into your home decor. Each is unique & charming & would be the perfect place to display a cherished photo. 
-Frames with fun patterned prints perfect for the Springtime- 

LoViNG this color combo.  This flower pattern is fabulous- so many fun colors all jumbled together! 

Not to mention these colors too.  I'm so into grey, blues & reds right now. Something about the combo makes me happy.

Have a great day & maybe I'll see you up at the Loft today.



H&H on location!


  Yes, I'm back to tell you where you can find H&H goods for the next 2 weeks.  I have a little temporary shop set up at the Rock Loft in Fruit Heights.  Have you ever been there before?   It is a great old stone building that houses several business' the one that I go to the most is Secret Haven.  It always has such wonderful things for sale & is always decorated so darling for any season or Holiday. 
{251 so. Mountain Road in Fruit Heights}
-Right off Highway 89, take Nicolls Road, towards the East & turn left at the stop sign, the Rock Loft will be on your right-

H&H is participating in the Primrose & Pearl gift show starting tonight {4:00-9:00} & goes until the 31st of March {open each day 10:00- 6:00
along with several other amazing vendors.  
{I was so excited to be asked to participate- thanks C for getting a hold of me & I was happy to see my fellow Hive friend, Vintage Fern set up there as well}  

Here is just a little sneak peek at some of the H&H goods that will be for SaLE during the show
{I'll also be re-stocking as needed too} 

-Lots of frames in all shapes, sizes & styles.  Plus there are a few 6-pack cartons of pop bottles that you can snag up to start your own pop bottle collection to create this if you want. 

- I absolutely love the stripe-y frames!  So bright & cheerful perfect for decorating for the warmer months ahead.  There are a variety of colors & sizes to choose from.  I simply adore the yellow stripe with blue frame combo. They would be so sweet with a picture of kiddos in their Sunday Easter best on display- 

-A carton full of picture frames to choose from- 

-A crateful to choose from too.  As always if there is a style you see that you like but want it a different size or color of stripe- let me know to place an order- 
After Miss Mace & I set up the display we just had to go over next door to the Bun Basket to pick up a cookie to munch.  Look how darling!  I told you they are the cutest cookies ever + they are just as tasty as they look.  
{loved the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow & the little leprechaun for LuCKY day} 
Be sure to go get you one after you shop at the P&P gift show. 

Happy Shopping!  If they ask you at check-out how you heard about the show tell them that Hollyhocks & Honeybees sent you. Happy Shopping- maybe I'll even see you at 
The Rock Loft one day soon too!


Light & Lemonade


Check out this BRiGHT idea!  I think it is so cool.  I want to have one of these made for our family room downstairs- maybe capture images of one of our family vacations or what about making one with old Christmas slides to have up around the Holidays.  Darling! I absolutely love the idea- so clever! It would be really cool to make if you have vintage slides from long ago- hmm.... I think I might have someone special in mind to make them a Christmas gift this year. 

Source: via Melissa on Pinterest

This cake looks so tasty & is SCReamiNG to be made this Spring or Summer. Too bad I just opened my back door 
{to take Mr. Olly out} 
& was greeted by several inches of fresh powder on the ground. 
{Greatest Snow on Earth!} 

Just wanted to share some popular pins that I've posted lately on my Pinterest boards.  Oh, how I love to browse, dream & waste time there ;) 
P.S. If you're on Pinterest too- do you like the new layout of your home page?  I don't know if I do yet or not. 



Holy- Moly!


  I finally feel like I can breath for a second. I have been very busy with lots of different things going on all at once.  I think I'm through all the business for the time being so this weekend I just relaxed & tried to catch my breath & catch up on a few things that I've been neglecting a bit.  
The first thing I did was clean my house & decorate a bit.  I have been so busy with this & that lately that I haven't changed my mantle decor 
{which I usually do the 1st of each month & I didn't even put up any St. Patrick's Day decor in time to celebrate Lucky Day- how sad is that?} 

So it was fun to unpack the things I took to Studio 5 right out of the car & use to brighten up our home for Springtime. 
{As I type this it's snowing outside- BLaH!} 
But at least it is nice to look at something cheerful, colorful & seasonal inside now.
-Love to mix & match textures of formal & rustic.  My new favorite decorating accessory- old silver trophies.  I love the color they bring to any display- paired with glass, wood & greenery- fantastic!- 

-I love to use all the glass domes I have & find the perfect this & that to showcase underneath the glass.  Really makes a great display- 
On another note- I just learned that this March has been the most looked at month EvER on the H&H blog
WOW, thank-you everybody!! 
{5,300+ looks at the blog so far this month- that's alot!}

I can't wait to see what the final monthly total ends up to be. Thanks for stopping by & I hope that there is always something that inspires you or that just makes you smile when you stop by. 
{Even if it is just to listen to my play list as you clean the house or make dinner ;)} 

Have a great rest of the day. 
I'll be back to tomorrow to give you a sneak peek at where you can shop H&H for the next 2 weeks- YipPee! 





  So it looks like I better tell you all where I found my fun new turquoise  Cowboy PoP bottle yesterday. Thanks for all your comments & for those who were wondering.  

 My hubby & I stopped for lunch at Arella's Pizzeria in Bountiful on our way home from Studio 5 yesterday. They have fantastic pizza's- everything I've ever had there has been tasty.  I recommend the Arella Pizza if you want something a bit different. It has Caramelized Pears, candied Pecans, Arugula, Gorgonzola, Mozzarella & a blue cheese sauce- yummy! 

-Other NeWS- 
H&H will be hitting the road the next little bit, which is very exciting.  I will be showcasing frames & other delightful things at a couple of local shows...

I have always loved going to the Rock Loft to see all the wonderful things they have & now I get to be a part of their gift show. So excited!  So if you are in the Davis County area {or what to go for a drive} go to the Rock Loft & check out all the amazing goods that will be there. 

p.S. Don't forget to stop in next door to the Bun Basket & pick up one of their fantastic sugar cookies. 
{which are ALWAYS decorated so darling too!} 

Looking ahead to April....  so glad that this show is going to back in town!  

So many hip & fantastic things for SaLE at this show too.  I'm excited to be working with all the Piper & Chloe Sisters once again. 

So just a couple of things to mark on your calender & a place to go out to eat this weekend. 
{p.s. just make sure you don't forget to grab your bottle. My hubby & I forgot to once & I was so sad about leaving it behind}