A fun way to spend the day


  I thought it would be fun today, since I already had to go check on H&H at Primrose & Pearl, for my girls to invite some of their friends along for a little shopping trip.  
It was so fun to listen to them as they looked around & tried to decide what to buy.  They went back & forth on a few things for awhile before finally deciding on all getting a headband.  Of coarse they asked each other for their advice on which one they should get.  
{Just a preview of many girl shopping trips for these 4 I'm sure} 

We also had to stop by the bun Basket for a sugar cookie before heading home.  Thanks for tagging along with me girls. It was a lot more fun than just going by myself.  

If you haven't been to Secret Haven yet to shop Primrose & Pearl don't worry you still have until next Saturday the 31st to shop.  
It's open everyday {except Sunday} 10:00- 6:00

-Happy Shopping & enjoy the SuNSHiNe. It's so pretty outside!- 


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Courtney said...

I can't believe how they've grown! We moved in when Mace was this age. Time flies. Please slow down just a little.