Shout-outs from H&H!


If you know me well you know how much I enjoy giving out a thank you note & how I love {& appreciate} recieving one. I've been known to leave them out for quite awhile to 
make me smile. 
 {Plus check out how cute my card holder is right now? love it!}

  A few thank you's are in order from the H&H blog for the fabulous month of MaRCH! What a crazy, fantastic, monumental month it has been for my blog. 
{over 8,700+ peeks at it this month alone!}
I just wanted to give out a few shout-outs for making it all possible. 

- Most referring blog of All- TiME
{Holy Cow- over 1,600 referrals}
-Thanks {A
All this from a friend {who I've never met but hope to one day} who just is nice enough to have the H&H blog link on her sidebar, & to all of the rest of you out there that do the same thing thanks all my blogging friends!-  

- Guest blog posts this month-
- Tausha, Nicole, Amy & London 
-Thanks gals, that was FuN! 
More guest posts to come stay tuned ;)

-Top 5 referring sites of all time- 
1-All things in the West 
2-Jenny McConnell 
5- Hillary Vaughn 

-The HiVE-
 {What do you say we do it all again @ the Holidays??} 
Ooh- I'm sure the Candy Cane Caramels will be back again! 

-Studio 5- 
It didn't hurt that I was able to appear on this popular local show 2 times within 3 weeks. 
WhEW.. so busy & yet so fun too!
You can check out my segments {Here} & {Here

WOW- guess how many times this page & recipe have been viewed so far...... how about a whopping 1, 400 +. 
Isn't that CRaZY!  By the way have you made it yet?  If not you really, really should tonight for a after dinner treat- MmmmM! Get the recipe {Here} & follow my Pinterest boards {Here
-Marshmallow PoPcorn- a family favorite!-
- Primrose & Pearl Giftshow- 
It also has been fun hearing from some of you who have discovered H&H up at this show over the past couple of weeks.  Thanks for stopping by the blog & I hope to see you at an H&H show or Hive sometime soon! 

-Thanks, Gracias, Danka, Kiitos & Merci for stopping by my little blog & discovering a little about my world. 
{I can't believe it's been viewed, peeked at, pinned & checked over 8,300 times this month!} 

Hope you stop by again & again... like especially tomorrow! {wink, wink!} I'll be announcing a giveaway in conjunction with my celebration of the month of March.  You'll want to check back for sure- see you then!!   



Dave and Jenny McConnel said...

I just started laughing when I seen that I was #2 on list of Most referring blogs. I must have too much time on my hands, but I love seeing what you are up to. It doesn't help either that I'm on the computer all day long for work so when I need to take a break I just check out the blogs.

Honeybee said...

No- there are people finding their way to my blog from your blog list on your blog- so THANKS!! Now do you get it? But you can keep checking in as much as you want too ;)