Holy- Moly!


  I finally feel like I can breath for a second. I have been very busy with lots of different things going on all at once.  I think I'm through all the business for the time being so this weekend I just relaxed & tried to catch my breath & catch up on a few things that I've been neglecting a bit.  
The first thing I did was clean my house & decorate a bit.  I have been so busy with this & that lately that I haven't changed my mantle decor 
{which I usually do the 1st of each month & I didn't even put up any St. Patrick's Day decor in time to celebrate Lucky Day- how sad is that?} 

So it was fun to unpack the things I took to Studio 5 right out of the car & use to brighten up our home for Springtime. 
{As I type this it's snowing outside- BLaH!} 
But at least it is nice to look at something cheerful, colorful & seasonal inside now.
-Love to mix & match textures of formal & rustic.  My new favorite decorating accessory- old silver trophies.  I love the color they bring to any display- paired with glass, wood & greenery- fantastic!- 

-I love to use all the glass domes I have & find the perfect this & that to showcase underneath the glass.  Really makes a great display- 
On another note- I just learned that this March has been the most looked at month EvER on the H&H blog
WOW, thank-you everybody!! 
{5,300+ looks at the blog so far this month- that's alot!}

I can't wait to see what the final monthly total ends up to be. Thanks for stopping by & I hope that there is always something that inspires you or that just makes you smile when you stop by. 
{Even if it is just to listen to my play list as you clean the house or make dinner ;)} 

Have a great rest of the day. 
I'll be back to tomorrow to give you a sneak peek at where you can shop H&H for the next 2 weeks- YipPee! 


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