Last but not least {seriously!}

It's here- today is the Day!!! 

  WOW, I can't believe I almost forgot giving a sneak peek at the last vendor at The Hive
Hollyhocks & Honeybees.... HeLLo!  How could I forget my own business?  
{maybe it's running around here & there, cleaning the house, setting up the cash register, stocking all the products & the list goes on & on} 
or maybe it's just because I've been enjoying all the guest posts lately that I forgot to do one myself! Thanks to all the vendors who participated & took a turn on the H&H blog this past week. 

I'm very excited to be selling a bunch of different things than what I have sold in the past- it's nice to shake things up a bit once in awhile. 

One thing that I absolutely love to have on hand during the Spring & Summertime when I entertain is pop bottles of all shapes, sizes & colors.  So I decided to share my collection of glass {Yes, I have quite a stash!} with all the Hive shoppers.  You can come snag your own 6-pack of bottles 
{in an easy to carry case no less ;) }
I've even made it easy on you, they come with a clump of flowers & some stripe-y fun straws to help kick off Springtime. Each pack is different & sizes, colors of bottles will vary {that always makes mix & matching more fun!} 

-The very cute & popular H&H Memory game will be for Sale- 
 I'm also excited to introduce the NeW Flourish style of frames. So many fun shapes & sizes to choose from not to mention a rainbow of colors too.  So fresh, modern & fabulous!! 

 I'll also have a few Frame Marquee's for sale at The Hive too. There are endless possiblites with these- so many uses.  Making an announcement..... 

 A charming touch to any celebration or event..... 

-How cute is this- a fun little touch to a wedding shower. Notice how playing cards are used for  the numbers for dates. Very Clever- my friend T thought of that. I can't take the credit- 
 Or just a simple reminder..... 

There will also be lots of yummy treat for SaLE, simple & sweet memory games, packs of stripe-y straws & More.  
-Hope to see you at The Hive either tonight 6:30-9:00, tomorrow 10-4 or don't forget one whole extra day this time around Saturday from 10-1.  

I have a feeling this Hive is going to be "BuZz"-ing.  
*I'll be back in a bit to announce the WiNNeR of the "BuZz" about The Hive & win! HoorAY! 

The Queen Bee- {M} 

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Rebecca Leigh Hall said...

I was just teasing Macey & Em about how many bottles you have when we were hanging out in the Pantry on Saturday. :)

Excited to stop by tonight.