WiNNeR- "BuZz- BuZz"

  Glad I got my assistant to help me pick the winner this morning before she was off to school bright & early.  Thanks Mace! 

 We thought we would use a gold coin for GooD LuCK since it is St. Patty's Day month. 

Thanks for the 90+ who participated in the contest- I appreciate all your help "BuZz"ing about The Hive. I couldn't do it without all your support & help to spread the word.  

-The toss & land- who is it going to be......- 



You won $25.00 to spend at The Hive this week.  

Come to The Hive tonight{6:30-9:00} 
Tomorrow {10:00-4:00} 
or Saturday {10:00-1:00} 
to spend your loot!  How fun is that?  
Congrats Shelly!  


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Anonymous said...

Sorry I didnt win. I know you are running behind, some of the dates on today and yesterday's posts say February instead of March! Hope the Hive is a big success for you.
Aunt Barb