Growing Wheat Grass 101


  SPRiNG is in the air!  Don't you love it?  I sure do. I love opening up the doors & windows to let fresh air in, hearing the birds chirping & seeing a bright blue sky.  It makes me feel recharged! 

One of my favorite things to have around the house when Springtime arrives is a little spot of Wheat Grass growing somewhere indoors.  It is super easy to do 
& fun for the kids to watch it grow. 
*Don't worry there is still plenty of time to plant the grass & have it green, lush & beautiful in time for Easter weekend. 

It was fun having little bags of wheat for Sale at The Hive for people to grab, take home & grow. It's also been fun hearing from many of you that it WORKED & that you have enjoyed having it around. 

Step 1-  Buy some wheat berries 
{you can find them at the groc. store usually in the baking aisle by the flour etc.} or you can break into your food storage ;) & get out some red wheat, either way will work. 
Just get a small bag, you won't need a ton unless you have BiG plans. 
-Just wanted to show you a picture of what the Wheat Berries look like- 

Step 2-  Soak the berries {or you can call them seeds} 
Pour a good amount in a large bowl & completely cover with water.  Leave at least for a day.  You might even see little sprouts starting to come out from the little seeds.  This will just speed up the whole growing process.  

Step 3-  Fill up a container {any shape or size} with good potting soil.  Sprinkle seeds on top of the soil. 
{You can put as many as you want, if you really want it thick coat the soil pretty thoroughly} 
Cover with a light layer of soil & water, just using a spray bottle.  You want the soil moist but not completely soaked. 

Step 4- Cover loosely with plastic wrap to keep the soil moist & place the container in the sunlight. 

Step 5- Re-water & re-wrap with plastic wrap a couple times a day. 

Step 6-   When you see the grass sprouting you can uncover the plastic wrap & just continue to water.  At this point the grass will really take off- right before your eyes!  

Step 7- Just continue to water as needed, place decorated Easter eggs in the grass or just place it on a sunny window sill & enjoy looking at the green grass & dreaming of warmer weather.  
{Cut the grass as needed} 

Happy growing! 



Amber Sargent said...

so adorable! I posted the same thing this week. I love doing this and my kids love it too. It's so simple people are amazed with how fun and easy it is!

Candice said...

I just grew some wheat grass too. I love it. Nothing says spring like freshly growing green stuff!! :)

Leanne said...

I'm going to start growing mine this week. THe kids are excited!