I'm Back!


  Did you miss me?  I've missed you!  This Honeybee flew East for a fabulous, busy, sightseeing vacation to our Nations capital Washington DC.  The Hubby had business meetings back there so Miss Mace & I decided to tag along. 
{so glad we did!} 

I guess I felt like I was blogging a bit while I was gone because I was Instagraming the whole time.  I shared a bunch of pics on there if you want to hope over & check it out.  {Love IG'ing!}
Just follow along @mquigbee 
{that's me!} 

Be back to share more of my adventures back East- lots to show & tell. But now off to do loads & loads of laundry. 



Flight of the Honeybee


  Seriously, I think birds might be doing something right every winter- fly South!  This Honeybee may need to follow their lead & do that a bit more often during the dreary winter months, at least south to Ut. County that is.  It seems like all the energy & exciting things going on are always being held down there lately.  I love spending Saturdays in the Fall {Football!!} down that way but I think I need to get down there more often based on all the great things I was able to do on Friday.
{Here's a recap of my day start to finish}  

The whole reason heading South for the day was to spend time with my sweet friend {Tausha}as a guest on her show, Sassy Style on My Craft Channel.  Have you seen it?  If not you MuST. She gives great, simple & affordable tips for decorating your home.  Plus, she has the most darling little cartoon character to open her show that you've ever seen. 
-Don't know the date our taped episode will air but I'll let you know & link to it from the blog
  She has been such a support to me & one of the best cheerleaders of my business that I have.  So grateful that I bumped into her a few years ago at the 365 Swap.  She has been a fabulous friend ever since!  Read about her kindness {Here- one of my favorite posts, ever!}  
Loved sharing the stage with her today & I'm truly blessed to have her as a friend in my life. 
{Thanks for having me on, T!} 

As I was driving to My Craft Channel I noticed that I passed a D.I. right next door to it.  I decided I should check it out & boy, was I glad I did.  I found so many little treasures that I adore! 
{Love days at the D.I. like that} 
-Got this super cool old filing system for $2.  Don't know what it will be used for yet but I just had to snag it. -
-Love the signs of being well used & appreciated in it's day- 

-Found these cool old bound books of past Ensigns that I just couldn't pass by.  Got one for the year my Schmoopie & I were born & the year we got married. I didn't know things like this existed, came from a city library -

Ok, here's a little secret about the D.I.  Whenever I go my favorite aisle to stroll down is the office supply aisle.  I don't know why but I find the best stuff!  Oh, I also love the kitchen wares aisle too. I rarely leave empty handed out of those 2 aisles. 
-I have a thing for old rulers, I don't know why but one of these days I'm going to make something awesome, with them. I have quite a collection.  Thought the old VHS labels would be fun for something & the old Rolodex filing cards too. Oh, the little things that bring me joy!- 
One place on my Bucket List- CheCk! 
Next my sister, Becca, {she was my assistant for the day} & I pulled into the Star Mill. Oh, I've wanted to explore this place for years!  I've heard about it from so many of my friends that I've been dying to see for myself.  Loved all the different shapes & styles of starts that hung in the store windows. 

Here are a few of the found treasures I got that day: 
{Even better everything in the store was 1/2 off!- Cha-CHiNG!} 
-I'm a sucker for anything that has to do with letters.  Love their shape & design, I'm sure you'll see more of these sometime soon. Can't wait to create with them!-

99 bottles of pop on the window sill ..... & everywhere!  Oh, I love a cool pop bottle so I just had to find one that I could take home & add to my growing collection.  I looked & looked & finally decided on this one..... 
-Thought these were cool as bundled together in a window sill- the light hitting them looked amazing!-

Since I have a little girl in my house that LoVES Cherry Coke I decided to get this in honor of her.  

Next I found this book. I'm drawn to anything about Bees & Beehives {as you can imagine} but the thing that made me pick up this old book was the contents inside & the meaning behind it. 

 This is an old manual for Young Women of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints back in the 50's.  My Grandmother {who I never had the pleasure to met} completed these goals & guidelines for Young Women to follow & accomplish in those days & earned a Bee Hive Girls ring. My Mom gave me that ring a few years ago & I treasure it.  
-Glad I was able to stumble upon this book {for .50 cents} & now be able to read it to see what my Grandma Ford had to check off to be able to earn her ring, that I now have.  Love it!- 
-How charming is this? Thought this handmade, miniature little cash register was so cute!  I just had to get it.  I wonder if it was used & played with in a doll house or something, so sweet!-

Loved this wall in the Mill made out of stacks of crates & filled up with tons of books- very fun!

 After checking out the Mill my sis & I were starving so we went to lunch at the Blue Lemon.  She had never been before so I wanted her to check it out.  Have you been there?  If not you should go.  Everything I have ever had there has been tasty!  I decided to go with the Black Bean Ravioli because I have a friend who says, "she dreams about it!"  because it's that good.  So I was excited to give it a taste. 

 Ummmm, ya!  It's that good.  I'm surprised I didn't pick up the bowl & lick the rest of the sauce.  YuM-My!  So, so good.  The ravioli is tossed with spinach & a bed of thinly sliced veggies under the pasta & the sauce... forget about it.  So scrumptious!! 
-Yep, I'm a pig!  No left overs to bring home- 
 Next up- Dear Lizzie's. Such a delightful little store to wander & browse through & dream of being able to buy everything that you see. But the best part is in the back of the store- the CuPCaKES!! 

 The perfect way to end a perfect day.  I got a Vanilla cake with Chocolate frosting {of coarse, got to have a bit of chocolate for the day} & Becca got a Cherry Chip cake with pink frosting. 

This banner hung up in Dear Lizzie pretty much summed up my day. Had a delightful time at My Craft Channel, hanging out with my Utah Co. Sis all day, having a tasty lunch & a sweet cupcake - such a perfect day.  

I've DiSCOVERED that I enjoy sharing places & things that I adore & make my heart happy with all of you.  I have some pretty exciting things in the works right now & can't wait to share them with you SooN.  
{Oh, I'm giddy about it & you'll be too!}

Hope you have a fabulous day!  Get out there & enjoy wherever you go.  Off to hit the slopes today with my little family. 



Special Delivery!

Hi... there!  
I wanted to share a little gift I put together for my sweet friend, Becky.  {Love her to pieces!}  She is an amazing friend & example to me, simply adore her! The reason for putting this little box together was because of a gift exchange I was doing along with of my friends, the Cultivate girls.  
{*Locals: tune into Studio 5 at 11 today on Channel 5 to see more of our gift exchange} 
We have done it for a couple of years now & it is simply delightful to watch every one's faces light up when they receive their gift from a friend.  

The idea for the gift box exchange came from {here} I introduced it to the group as something we could do for each other at our monthly luncheons in February. 
It's been so much fun- these ladies are so creative in what they choose to stuff & fill their boxes up with.  I'm always amazed at their talents.  
{Love you- N, H, S, & B!} 

Without further adieu here is what I packaged up for my friend. I found the adorable denim {so reminded me of her} box at Walmart. Another reason I loved it was the stitched pocket that was on the front. 
{more places to stash some goodies ;)} 

I filled the pocket up with some Valentine bingo cards, the most adorable vintage inspired cupcake toppers & some red, white & pink packs of sixlets. 
{So stinkin' cute!} 

Open the box inside to find each tiny compartment filled with a fun little something. Not your traditional chocolate candy box my friend!  Don't get me wrong I love chocolate but something about taking all that out & then filling it up with sweets, trinkets & tiny treasures instead is so much better! 
{not to mention much less calories!} 

 I tried to think of things I thought Becky would love & be able to use in all her crafting, decorating & just being a fun Grandma to so many adorable little ones.  
-Little wooden hearts, some painted some not, to be used on a project or just glued to a card- 
-A couple of rolls of decorative washi tape {love this stuff} & of coarse some hot & spicy Hot Tamales fill up another compartment.-
Did you know that Hot Tamales came in Valentine colors this time of year?  So in love with all the amazing candy that there is to buy this time of year.
-This silky ribbon with buttons sewn on it reminded me of her & just seemed to say Valentine's Day.  A little sack filled with some V-Day candy corns-
- Some sour gummy strawberry & watermelon lips {so yummy!} & a smooth Lindor Chocolate ball nestled into place - 
-Got to have some chocolate in there somewhere, right?  Heart shaped Jr. Mints are just the thing.  I also filled up a section with some cute colorful clips & fasteners.- 
One thing I know for sure about my sweet friend is she loves CoLOR & all things bright.  So I made her a zip-tie heart garland that she could hang up somewhere in her home.  
So cheerful & FuN! 
{for directions on how to make this garland go Here}

I enjoyed so much putting this box together for Becky.  I love giving something sweet to dear friends. 

Now... here is the adorable box I received from my friend, Sheryl.  The top of the box alone had me swooning- I loved it!  The little framed bee is totally me & so cute.  All the doilies, lace, fabric trim, tickets & letters were fabulous.  The tag she attached onto the box was so personal & sweet. It's something I'll treasure forever.  
-Thank you Friend!- 

Inside the box she filled up with goodies of all kinds, a darling dainty fabric banner 
{can you tell us Cultivate girls love a banner? I think we each got one} 
my own Betty Bop lip gloss {hello!?!} & this adorable little candy box.  I loved how Sheryl tore out a page from the dictionary to decorate the top of the box & then how she put the heart right over the Honeybee.  AaaHHh!!  
I loved it so much that I made this photo the header for the H&H FaceBook page this month. 

Hope the taped piece that appeared on Studio 5 & this post have inspired you to run out & get a valentine box of your own.  Remove the content inside 
{either toss all the chocolate or eat & enjoy it!} 
& fill it up with sweet, thoughtful gifts for a loved one or a friend.  Such a thoughtful gift to give someone to show them how much you really do care. 

Happy Hearts Day everyone- XoXo!



Let the LoVE begin!


Hello.... LoVE week!  Looking forward to many, many fabulous things this week.  I love the joy of giving, receiving & being around people I love & doing things that I love to do. 

This is a little display in our front entry this week.  Got to use my cool Valentine inspired pop bottles I bought in No. Carolina a couple of months ago. 
Loved them then & still in love with them today. 

I was watching Oprah's Lifeclass this morning & really liked a quote that was shared by her guest, 
Rick Warren, author of a Purpose Driven Life. 
{Loved it so much I wrote it down, yep- I keep a notebook by me when I watch it}  

The greatest use of your life is to love. 
The greatest expression of love is time 
The greatest time to love is NoW! 

So excited for things I have coming up this week:

*Watching Mace in her final BB  Tournament of the year 
*Making Valentines with Audrey & Emily for their classmates 
{probably for the last time :( going to the big Middle School next year} 
*Making Sugar Cookies & decorating them with my girls 
*Our traditional {& FaVORITE} Family Home Evening activity- heart attacking some unsuspecting neighbors- so fun!
*Valentine's Day & our traditional Q family dinner with my Schmoopie & girls. 
*Looking forward to watching a segment on Studio 5 this Wends. featuring my Cultivate friends  & I.  
{Sharing some Valentine gift ideas!} 
*Friday spending the day down at My Craft Channel with a sweet friend
{Yippee- so excited!!} 

Hope you all have a delightful week ahead full of lots of XoXo's



A bit of a change


  Truth is I've never really loved the layout of our family room downstairs.  For one thing the TV is on one wall & the fireplace is on the opposite wall so they are always competing for attention.  I WiSH we would have thought about it a little more when we built our home.  Anyway... I think some changes might be on the horizon sometime hopefully soon.  But for now I put on a little band aid on a sore spot that drives me NuTS!  

As I was sitting watching Top Chef Seattle
{one of my must see shows each week!}  with my daughter. 
{Yep, another girl home sick from school today- 
when will this Flu leave our house!!} 
I thought to myself, if I have to look at those ugly TV, DVR, Wii cords sticking out all over the floor, I'm going to scream. Not to mention if I had to chase Mr. Olly out from behind the white bench one more time. 
{It's his hiding spot & he usually unhooks the TV cords while he's back there too}  
So I jumped right up & did a little bit of rearranging.  

-The Before- 

-Yep, took a picture just as I was looking at it on the couch.  Toys, a half empty glass, blanket thrown on the floor & all. Keeping it real ;) - 

-The After- 

-Ahh... for now it works! NO more cords sticking out, no more hiding spot for Mr. Olly everything up & off of the floor.  I'm still in LoVE with the green medal cabinet I got last year, it's so cool & unique!- 

Oh, this feels a little like a breath of fresh air.  Which we desperately need in this house!  ;)  So ready for Spring to get here so I can open up the windows & let the sunshine in without freezing! Also looking forward to thinking about making more changes to this room... soon. 
{I mean BiG changes!} 
Stay tuned.



Lots of Love


  You can never have to many cheerful Valentine banners & garlands hanging up around the house.
{I'm secretly hoping it will send lots of love our way & scare the Flu bug out of our house!  Another little sick girl, AuGH!!} 

This is a picture I posted on Instagram of the shelf in our mudroom. Yep, I like to cluster garlands together- the more the merrier, right?! 

That's not all the garlands & banners that are dripping around here. There are also 2 hanging above the kitchen island & 3 more downstairs on the mantle in the family room.  Love this month!! 
{Be back to share ideas for some of my favorite 
V-Day Traditions!}

Oh, don't forget you can follow me on Instagram if you want 



Happy February & Football!!

  Hello.... love month!  
Yay, we made it through January, sometimes it's a looooong month to get through.  Today I'm busy boxing up all my wintertime decor {even though there is still plenty of white stuff on the ground outside} I just figured it's time to be put away & make room for lots of LoVE. 

Found a few things recently that I have fallen in LoVE with that I wanted to share with you.  They also have me thinking of this weekend, football & of coarse what to eat on Sunday evening.  
{Always love Super Bowl Sunday!} 

I LoVE this blog called, What Katie Ate.  I'm so inspired by her photography, I just love her style & flair.  Her recipes are pretty gourmet at times but everything she photographs looks so darn good! I especially thought these apple, sausage rolls looked finger licking good & paired with a cool bottle of pop even better!   
{I might need to plan a trip to Australia just to get some bottles to add to my collection ;)} 

Also check out these adorable cake balls my sister, Becca, made for her office party today.  Almost to sweet to want to eat but I'm sure I could eat a dozen or so ;)

- Too cute & creative! The Quig's will order 2 dozen! - 
Happy 1st day of February & happy football watching this weekend.  I'm sure that bottled pop, chicken wings & guacamole among other things will be eaten by us on Sunday. 
{Can't Wait!}