Happy {LOVE} month & gift idea!

Yeah, I LOVE the LOVE month don't you??  
I have so enjoyed reading all your comments & entries for the H&H frame GiVEAWAY that I'm back to share with you a fun thing I get to give away to my SWeeTie each Valentines Day. {one of our traditions}

I guess it's true what they say, opposites really do attract because I LOVE chocolate & my husband... not so much. So I wanted to give him something on Valentines Day that he would really enjoy.  So I give him his own custom Valentines candy box.
{I love getting it all ready each year & start looking around the stores
early for some unique treats}

-STEP 1- go buy any size heartshaped box of 
Valentine Chocolates
-STEP 2- Eat all the yummy contents {keep a few if they like them} or just throw them all away! {so sad} You want to have an empty box to work with.
-STEP 3- Decorate the front of the box in a unique & charming way.
{it can't be Valentines day without a heart shaped doilie right??}

 -STEP 4- Find a variety of sweets & treats to make your SWeeTHeaRT happy & fill up each & every little compartment.
Mine loves anything chewy & gooey so I have used Valentines colored dots, holland mints, almond M&M's, hot tamales, Swedish fish, peppermint shortbread squares, good & plenty's & some sea salted almonds for the salty & the sweet.
-STEP 5- Throw in a little something extra like a gift card to his favorite place to grab lunch, a ticket to a movie or just make a stop at the photo booth at the Mall {he loves these!}
-STEP 7- Put the lid back on the box & give it away to someone you LOVE!

 I made this box for the 1st time 3 years ago & just keep reusing it each year. After all the treats are gone it gets packed up in the Valentines box until next year when it will be filled with different sweets. 

So if you're looking for some unique yummy treats look no further because I'm a candy importer now..... I have been wanting to do this for a LOoOng time!!- 
I have dreamed, for awhile now, of having big glass jars on my island filled to the brim with tasty treats during an H&H show for people to buy & I finally did it!  YEAH!
-Take it from me {since I have taste tested everything}  they are all delicious! 

Yes, that's right you can buy them by the lb.!  Weighing the candy will remind me of the days I worked as a clerk at my Grandparents store & bagged up lbs. of chocolate clusters, cinnamon bears & peanuts for customers.  {I'm well trained ;) }

Hopefully this inspired you to give something to someone you love in a little bit of a different way this year.  
-Don't forget- if you haven't entered the GiVEAWAY yet you still can on the post below.  You have Thursday morning to enter.

I'll be back tomorrow with a sneak peek of the

H&H SWeeT Show
This Thursday Feb. 3rd from 6-8 p.m.
& Friday Feb. 4th from 10- NooN

& later with more of my favorite ways to celebrate Valentines Day.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great idea. Now I have a new project to work on.

Nicole Garner McConkie said...

YUMMY. I can't wait to come get some of the tasty goodness for myself and my cutie pies.

flarffy2000 said...

Where did you buy your bakers twine?