What a great day today- don't you just love Sundays?
{recharges me for the week ahead}
 I have been thinking alot about food lately & since it is
Super Bowl Sunday {Go Packers!!}
it means eating lots of spicy chicken wings, chips, yummy dips & drinking bottles of Root Beer & Creme Soda. Ahhh! My husband & I made the mistake of going to Costco yesterday & I have never seen it so packed & crazy.  I guess everyone was gearing up for the big day. Do you eat or make anything special for the BiG game??

I also wanted to let you all know that the pictures from the Gourmet Club dinner I attended last week are up on the Delish my Dish blog 
so go check them out. 
{you can always get to it by clicking on the recipe card on the right hand side}
Maybe you can find something there to make for Valentines Dinner.   I will say that the halibut was delicious {& I'm not a fish person but... } I ate the ENTIRE thing, the cranberry sauce on top is a must- so good!  Hope you find a recipe that you will like to try.  I'm so glad that we have pictures on the blog to go with each recipe. 
{If I don't see something ahead of time I won't make it}

  Happy Yummy Day!


Anonymous said...

coould you be anymore delightful?
and I scrolled down your blog to find you had a HUGE scroll of bakers twine.
NOW, we get to be friends!
i want some of that stuff....where you find it?"
thanks so much for commenting on my excited to get to know you!
im digging your music!

Honeybee said...

Oh, Annie yes we can be friends! I would love that. {I have LOTS of Bakers twine ;)}