What I wore Wednesday


Just wanted to show off my new hairdo I got today!
{Loving my new highlights, color & curls-thanks Tex!}
Also my cute new jacket {only $19}I got at TJMaxx. I'm loving that store right now! I had so much fun yesterday that I went back to get one more lamp for M's room & walked out with that & 2 jackets & a shirt-holla!

Oh, I love my brown boots. They are so comfy & cute.
My flower pin is from Leila Birds Nest- so colorful & fun!
& of coarse my Nikon 3100 that I got for Christmas from my Schmoopie! 


*Oh, & I went to check out the Sweet Tooth Fairy in Layton {ran into a friend} enjoyed a Red Velvet cupcake- which was delicious by the way {& was given the the sweetest compliment from the clerk about my jacket & pin I was wearing & my cute purse} that along with the yummy cupcake made my day!


{A}nnie said...

I Think its a good idea that we are friends.
I wanna sweet tooth fairy cupcake.
and your jacket.

cute hair!
Im gunna post "what I wore today too"
you will laugh!

Diana W. Windley said...

How do you eat cupcakes and stay so cute & skinny?

Honeybee said...

Diana- You just made my night! Thanks, :)

Tyler said...

Looking good as usual. Love you!!!

Anonymous said...

I have been soooo busy putting pictures in all my cute frames that I have not been to blog land for a couple days........I enjoyed lunch the other day too my friend!!! And just wanted to comment on how darling you look in this picture, I need to do me some yoga!!! It might even get some blood going to my head too!