Take note.....


I love me a vintage clipboard & mis matched letters.  
{I have an obsession with letters you might say but I had the best time playing around with them in my studio today} 

The {Fall} Hive is just around the corner!  

-Look for sneak peeks be sure to check out Instagram at #thehiveboutique- 
Thursday, September 12th {Opening Night!} 6:00-8:30 p.m. 
Friday, September 13th 10:00-3:00 p.m.
Saturday, September 14th 10:00 -2:00 p.m.
-at 4011 Lilac Lane in Mountain Green, Utah- 

I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am to host this Fall edition of The Hive.  There is going to be so much amazing stuff here for sale.  I have such a variety or talented vendors coming this time around.  {a couple of past favorite vendors & some new ones for the first time in The Hive} You'll want to come check out all the goods- believe me!  Everything you want to celebrate all things Fall. 

Stay tuned- more news, info. to come about The{Fall} Hive. 
-See you there!!- 



Sweet stuff!


Today started out as an ordinary day & turned out to be an awesome day- let me tell you why. 
 #1-   A man came to our home to appraise it today. 
{not moving, just changing home loans} 
As he was walking through our home he turned to me & said, "It looks like Pinterest in here!"  AHHH!  How nice is that?  It made my day, I thought it was the sweetest thing ever.  He then asked about where I find all my decor, if I make it or have bought it.  I then told him about my business {Hollyhocks & Honeybees} & what I do.  He gave me his business card & told me to send the next email about The Hive & he would forward it onto his wife.  
I thought that was fabulous & incredibly sweet of him!  
The kind words he said as he toured our home really touched me today & meant alot to me. Love when we take the time to say kind things, it really does make a difference.  Made me think of what I've said to others today. 

#2- My Dad, Aunt Karalee, Uncle Garr & my dear sweet Grandma Hall {who just turned 95} drove down for a tour of my hubby's GiaNT pumpkin patch today.  Oh, boy was it a hot day outside. Whew! 
We had a great time looking at the BiG kins' & visiting, laughing & sharing stories.  So glad my Grandma made the trip down.  One more month until the pumpkins are weighed.  Keep growing girls!! 
{Grow BiG or go home!} 

3- My 3 girls.  They all came home, sat down, did their homework without any complaint, tears or arguing.  I know it's only the 4th day of school but I'll take it.  
{Hope the rest of the school year goes this well ;)} 

Just a few things that made my day. Hope you're having a wonderful day too. 
{p.s. if you want to be added to The Hive email list, just let me know.  Leave a comment & I'll add you to it!} 



Pre-Hive SALE- get your goods now!


  A friend of mine posted this on Facebook the other day & I couldn't agree more. I've always loved walking down the school supply aisle at the store & now starting to see splashes of black, orange & white everywhere has got me giddy with delight!  

*** SORRY- Pre-Sale is now CLOSED, thanks to everyone who placed an order****

So with that in mind I thought I would post some H&H things for Pre-SaLE in anticipation of The {Fall} Hive coming September 12, 13 & 14th. Trust me there will LoTS more fabulous items for sale at The Hive.  This is just a pre-sale for all of you out there who missed out on getting something last year {from H&H} & love getting a deal too.  I've marked down these items a bit to save you some $$ & to save me some sanity.  It really does help to know ahead of time how much items to make for the show & keep everyone happy. So thanks in advance for placing an early order.  
{**All items listed are priced for PiCK up ONLY at The Hive!**} 

First up..... this whimsical 
- H&H Halloween Subway plaque- 
Such a charming holiday decor item to add to any shelf, ledge or to hang on a wall.  Would go perfectly with an H&H frame up on the mantle too.  Oooh, I simply adore Halloween! 
- So simple & charming! Plaque measures 12x12 - 

-H&H Stripe-y Frames-
These popular frames come in 2 sizes: 5x7 or 8x10 
Choose between either black & white stripe or orange & white w/ black center frames 
-$30 for 5x7 size & $34 for 8x10 size
{NOTE: each inside frame will be different. No 2 will look alike}  

For a 5x7 Black & White stripe-y frame 

-Just had to show off how cute the Orange & White Stripes are!-

5x7 Orange & White Stripe-y Frame
8x10 Black & White Stripe-y Frame comes in a 8x10 Orange & White Stripe too

 H&H Jekyl & Hyde Frames 
If you're looking for something fabulous & different- look no further than these!    Love the chunky layers & the mixing of patterns on these frames. I think your spooky little ones would look so cute displayed in one of these for set  up on the mantle for Halloween. 
Each frame opening is a 5x7 size & $34 each
choose between either {or get one of each if you want} 

Hallows Eve: Orange & White w/ star print

- The outside dimensions of the frame is 12 x14. Oh, I simply adore these frames!- 

The Elphie: Green & White stripe w/ black polka dot print

-The Elphie. A perfectly WiCKED combo of colors-green & black-

 Home SPooKY Home
-Many of you saw & "liked" this on FaceBook last week 
{thanks by the way} 
So I figured I better have enough on hand to make everyone happy. It's an adorable little paper pieced house tucked into a charming 4x6 frame.  

{NOTE:  All houses & frames will be different colors & patterns.  No 2 will look alike. You choose when you pick up at The {Fall} Hive} 

-The popular H&H number 31 set-  

-NOTE: Each set will be unique & one of a kind.  Papers, colors & patterns will vary.- 
To place an order simply email me at: 
I will send you a PayPal invoice to be paid.  Your items will then be ready for you to pick up at 
The {Fall} Hive 
September 12, 13 & 14th 
-4011 Lilac Lane in Mt. Green, Utah - 

Hope you liked what you've seen.  Time to get busy creating & making lots more where this came from.  So excited, I can't wait!!  Pleased to announce that 7 other amazing vendors will be here along with H&H this time around.  It's going to be Fab.u.lous! Hope you're planning on coming.  



Back 2 School Fashion Show

It is Back 2 School time around here.  My girls started yesterday, are you kids in school yet?  
I wanted to share something that has turned into quite a fun tradition in our family.  Last night we hosted the 3rd annual Back 2 School dinner & family fashion show.  It has turned into an anticipated night for everyone involved. Clothes are paired together into outfits, props are brought & music selected {& in some cases choreographed} to walk down the runway to. 
But before the dinner & fashion show begin the decor has to go up to set the stage.  I enjoy decorating for just about anything that goes on in our home & a dinner & fashion show are no exception. I used a bunch of my vintage school supplies {that I collect}  to decorate the island & table for dinner.  
{I have a bit of an obsession, must be the secondary ed. teacher in me} 
-2 of my favorite H&H things I've ever made.  Frame Marquees & this charming good luck frame.  I use them for so many occasions-

Who says flower frogs are only for holding flowers upright in a vase, I say use them as a pencil holder too.  I grabbed all sorts of crayons, colored pencils, alphabet shapes & puzzle pieces to use for the decor.
I spy.... my home state do you see yours?  

-Love this vintage school book- Looking Ahead to another great school year for my girls! Can't wait to see what they learn & discover. - 
-The table top, all bright & cheerful- 
 Got these fun napkins at Target in the dollar spot earlier this year & just held onto them for our B2S dinner.  They looked perfect on the plastic school lunch trays I have.  I got the trays from Pottery Barn Kids years ago & they have been a good investment. 

 The night included poetry, read by the girls from this adorable book. Funny, funny poems about going to school. 
 Happy kiddos ready to chow down their school lunch themed meal:  Pasta, garlic french bread, orange jello & green salad.  YuM! 

 Let the Fashion Show 2013 begin: 
Each participate brought 3 outfits to wear & walked the runway to music they selected & strutted their stuff!  Believe me, these kids know how to work a runway.  There was a cartwheel, back handspring, dribbling a soccer ball & dance moves like you've never seen. So much FuN to watch! 
{Some white christmas lights strung along the floor makes a quick & easy runway} 
-Audrey 6th Grade- 
-Macey 10th Grade- 

-Bella Kindergarten- 
-Davis 4th Grade- 

-Layla, pre, pre-pre school & Miss Hall 9th Grade Math & 12th Grade Government- 

-Emily 6th Grade- 
Everyone watching Audrey, from back stage,  walk down the runway & waiting their turn to go out. 

The end of another great the Fashion Show.  At the end it always turns into a dance party!  The kids are really worn out at the end of the night.  
{Oh, the videos I have of them all lip syncing & dancing, so fun! One little girl even got a side ache from so much dancing} 
-All the Hall & Quigley cousins- 
 Had to get my picture with this cutie since we were twinners for the night.  Gotta love polka dots! 

Love traditions & memories being made.  Such a blast getting to see every one's new Back 2 School clothes & seeing how  excited they all are to start a new school year.  



A summer evening dinner party


  If there's one thing I love it's planning, preparing & throwing a party & when there is good food & fabulous friends involved, forget about it!  I had the pleasure of hosting a Dinner party for Gourmet Club with my friend, Nicole last week. It was a delightful evening to say the least.  Our theme for the night was Dinner & a Movie. 
{Who doesn't love an outdoor movie under the stars?} 

Our guests were greeted with this frame marquee 
{It really is one of my favorite decorating pieces I own!}  
I use this for so many things, too many to count! Guess what I even made it myself & you can too.  What to learn how?  If so watch HERE for all the details. 

The dinner was held in Nicole's beautiful yard.  I mean just look at that!  The stone floor, arbor & cafe lights just set the tone for the evening.  

Loved all the color combos we used.  Everything was bright, vibrant & screamed Summer.  Glad that my vintage pop bottle collection came in handy once again.  Not to mention vintage tin spice boxes & Nicole's cute collection of old cameras.  Quite the mis match collections of goods but it all went perfectly together to go along with Dinner & a Movie. 

This little set up might just have been my favorite thing of the whole night.  Just look at that cheerful charming spot?  We used the table to serve the appetizers & drink from.  LoVED it!  The colors just oozed Summertime & was simply delightful to look at.  

Here we are standing by the candy station for the outdoor movie & ready for our guests to arrive.  
I always have a good time spending time with this sweet friend.  She is so fun to spend time with & we have the best time decorating & setting everything up.  Love having a friend who likes pretty much the same things I do. We just kept going into our houses & pulling from our collections for the decor outside.  Worked perfectly! 
-Great minds think alike.  We didn't ever plan to wear the same color combination!- 
Always have a good time with these ladies.  Eating yummy food, talking, tasting, laughing & EATiNG!  The menu for the night was just easy & carefree & lots of pizzas, Pizzas & PiZZAS.  Oh, they were soooo good! 

I wish I would have taken a picture as everyone settled in on chairs on the lawn for the movie to start.  Everyone was wrapped up in blankets & munching on Marshmallow Popcorn & other sweets.  Such a fun night watching a foodie film, Julie & Julia- the perfect show to end a fun night. 

Everyone receives a packet with all the recipes we used for the dinner to take home with them.  Thought they all looked cute tucked into an old wooden crate waiting for everyone to grab as they left for the night. I even gave a few extras away on Instagram. 
{So Fun!} 

Can't wait to see all the pictures that were taken that night & of all the yummy food.
 {I didn't take any pics of that because I was too busy eating!} 
 I'll be sure to tell you when they all go up on our Gourmet Club Blog, Delish My Dish.  Go there to see pics of past dinners & to get lots of great recipes. 

As Julia would say, Bon Appetite!