Sweet stuff!


Today started out as an ordinary day & turned out to be an awesome day- let me tell you why. 
 #1-   A man came to our home to appraise it today. 
{not moving, just changing home loans} 
As he was walking through our home he turned to me & said, "It looks like Pinterest in here!"  AHHH!  How nice is that?  It made my day, I thought it was the sweetest thing ever.  He then asked about where I find all my decor, if I make it or have bought it.  I then told him about my business {Hollyhocks & Honeybees} & what I do.  He gave me his business card & told me to send the next email about The Hive & he would forward it onto his wife.  
I thought that was fabulous & incredibly sweet of him!  
The kind words he said as he toured our home really touched me today & meant alot to me. Love when we take the time to say kind things, it really does make a difference.  Made me think of what I've said to others today. 

#2- My Dad, Aunt Karalee, Uncle Garr & my dear sweet Grandma Hall {who just turned 95} drove down for a tour of my hubby's GiaNT pumpkin patch today.  Oh, boy was it a hot day outside. Whew! 
We had a great time looking at the BiG kins' & visiting, laughing & sharing stories.  So glad my Grandma made the trip down.  One more month until the pumpkins are weighed.  Keep growing girls!! 
{Grow BiG or go home!} 

3- My 3 girls.  They all came home, sat down, did their homework without any complaint, tears or arguing.  I know it's only the 4th day of school but I'll take it.  
{Hope the rest of the school year goes this well ;)} 

Just a few things that made my day. Hope you're having a wonderful day too. 
{p.s. if you want to be added to The Hive email list, just let me know.  Leave a comment & I'll add you to it!} 



Nicolle said...

Oh hi!! Love seeing your G'ma on H&H! Your decorations are so cute...

Mimi Sue said...

So glad you had a great day! Looking forward to seeing those big pumpkins. Mimi

Honeybee said...

Thanks Friends!

Dave n Bre plus thr3e! :o) said...

Your house DOES look like pinterest!! :) Love coming to the Hive's and being inspired in your cute home and sooo sad I'm going to miss this next one... Happy pumpkin growing.