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  I posted this pic on Instagram today & got quite a bit of feedback & interest, so I thought I'd share this with all of you on the blog too.  
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This was my Mother's Day gift from 2 years ago.  My daughter, Macey, created & decorated this notebook for her & I to share notes back & forth in. It has been a great thing for us.  It started out as a simple spiral notebook that she transformed & is now filled up with heart felt messages, great discussions & funny memories written down in here.  

One of the things I like best about this journal is that when one of us is done writing in it we leave it in an unexpected place for the other to find.  This notebook has turned up in the fridge before, in a cupboard, the pantry, in the car, under a pillow, in the medicine cabinet just to name a few spots.  Macey knew that Monday is laundry day in our house so she placed it in the laundry basket for me to find when I sorted out all the dirty clothes.  Made my day to find it!  
{Sneaky girl!}  

Just wanted to share this simple gift idea that has turned into quite a treasure over the years.  Would be a great thing to do for a child's birthday, a gift to a friend or even between sisters or a Mom that lives far away. Would be wonderful to mail back & forth for a fun communication long distance.
{A few of my followers even said that they do that now with sisters, friends & parents.  How sweet!}   

I love to journal & write down things.  I guess I'm old school when it comes to that stuff, something about handwriting that is just so timeless & priceless. 
*Do you like to handwrite letters or journal? 


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Mimaw said...

a few years ago I realized that my handwriting (that used to be rather pretty) had become almost I went on a letter writing campaigne. I sent letters to nieces, nephews, sister-in-laws, siblings, mother, father, and my Dad started writing me back (we live about 300 miles apart) what a treasure those have turned out to be since he now has dementia that most assuredly will become alzheimers. Some grandchildren have also responded by writing me back. Everyone has expressed how much they enjoyed gettin an old fashioned post, but few take the time to write back, and they laugh embarassedly. I also write notes to people who have participated in our weekly worship service, a talk or musical number, or lesson. Some have called me on the phone after getting it and thanking me for taking the time to express in written form, then to mail it. It really is a lost correspondence form, and we are poorer for it.