This usually NEVER happens.....

  Yes, I know it is the middle of July 
{& I should be embracing the Summer & Sunshine} 
but I am in the crafty kind of {staying inside} mood!
I usually NEVER get ahead of myself but lately I can't stop thinking about & being inspired for the Fall season 
{& my FaVORITE H&H show of the year-  the "BoO"-tique} 
I've loving dreaming of Spooky, Scary & FUN 
Halloween & Fall things to make.  


Maybe I'm in the Fall-ish mood because I got 2 catalogs in the mail yesterday for Back to School clothes & the cutest Kids Halloween costume catalog ever - Chasing Fireflies
{I just wish it was ALOT cheaper! My kids love to look at it & start imagining what they want to be for Halloween}

That's all for now--back to the craft room!

F.Y.I- the H&H "BoO"-tique show will be in late September or early {early} October. If you would like to be on the mailing list so you get all the details- please email me @ 


Posh Petals said...

I'm feeling the same way! That darn Chasing Fireflies catolog was killer {cute & price} and last night going to Walmart and seeing rows of Crisp Notepads and oodles of school supplies sent me craving for fall.

blog n' tell said...

ooo...i love the 31 #'s are they special order and if so can I put my order in now for them?? I would love a set for my HallOween decor! Love those googley eyed ghosts....Too Cute!

Candice said...

oooo, you have some cute stuff- as I would expect!! I wish I lived close so I could some to your bootique!

Honeybee said...

Christa, yes you an pre-order a set of #31. I'll send you a picture of all of them finished & you can tell me which one you like best- thanks for asking!! Oh, & by the way the googley- eyes Glow-in the- Dark!! So cute!! {If I say so myself ;) }
Thanks Candice! [I can always ship! ;) }

Diana W. Windley said...

I was in Hobby Lobby on Saturday and couldn't believe it when I saw several aisles with shelves full of fall and Christmas decor. I feel like summer just started 3 weeks ago...it's going by too fast!