You can never have too many!


Since all of you couldn't be in the classes I presented on Saturday, I thought it would be fun to share a few of my shopping/decorating philosophies with you here on the blog.

  I had so many people come up to me at the Conference on Saturday, telling me that I should go check out 2nd Chances Antiques when I was done.... so I did.  You don't have to twist my arm to go antiquing & when so many people recommend it you know it's a pretty safe bet.  Glad Miss Mace loves to junk just as much as I do, a fun way to end a terrific day.   

Ok, friends look at what I found!  
-How cool are those metal corners, a work of art!- 
Yippee, another one to add to my collection & guess what it has an official name, a Creeper.  No more calling it.... a mechanics scooter thing, the thing that goes under the car, something a car mechanic uses.  Oh, boy!  Fell in love with it the first second I saw it. There are 2 things that get my blood pumping when I go antiquing & that is wood & metal. Must be the love for anything industrial that I have. When they are put together, look out, as good as SoLD!  
-Fun to talk to one of the owner's of the store & find out that this was actually his he used years ago.  I told him it would be going to a good home.  He told me he was happy I appreciated it- 
This was the very first slide I started my presentation with on Saturday.  There have been too many times in my life when I haven't & regretted it.  
-Slide 1, sometimes a tough lesson to learn when you loose out on something you're smitten with- 
As I was walking around 2nd chances I thought for sure I would run into some of the people in my class, because we were all talking about this place & hopefully I'd inspired people to look for unique, one of a kind things.  

Just as I thought that I ran into 3 ladies who I recognized, we got talking & I said, "Guess what I just found you guys?" told them about it & that I found out there is an OFFICIAL name for it. One of them said to me, "I saw that, picked it up but then put it back down, shoot! Did you get it?"  We all kind of laughed & I said, "Yes, of coarse I did."  then joking I said, "Didn't you learn anything from my class?"  referring back to this first slide.  We all giggled about it. 
{*Don't feel too bad for her though because she was lugging around a darling trunk with coasters, as we were talking, so she got a great piece.  But the "creeper" came home with me.  Oh, I LOVE it!! }

Another lesson to learn.... 

-Slide 2, never thought I'd be a 2 creeper owner but I'm excited to see what this 2nd one turns out to be used for. Stay tuned!-

I highly recommend everyone to stop by 2nd Chances in Brigham City if you're up that way or passing through.  It is located in the old indian school buildings & connected with The Room Loft furniture store. 
{475 east 1000 South in Brigham City} 
 It is a fantastic building & as far as antiques go everything is set up very nice so it's all easy to see & it's very, very clean.
{If you've been to alot of antique stores across this great country like I have that is one thing you learn to appreciate. love that!} 
-Ok, you know me, I had to snag a glass pop bottle or 2, or 3 maybe 4. I have a problem!- 

  For those who attended my class & want an old wooden ironing board for yourself- good news!  I spotted 2 of them at 2nd Chances, so go get them. 

-This one has green metal legs, wish I thought was cool!- 
 One last funny story. When I was done checking out the other owner of the store offered to carry it out for me {which  was very nice} we got to talking & he said, "I never would have thought a woman would buy this. But I'm excited to see what you're going to do with it"  I told him I'd post a pic of it to their Facebook page later.  

The perfect way to end a terrific day talking about creating a beautiful decorated life.  Just what I love,  shopping at antique stores & finding treasures to bring home.   



Heather at Happy Chippy Junk said...

I went to the DI after your class and there were quite a few woman from your class their digg'n. So you made an impact!! The whole thing makes me giggle!!

Natalie said...

How fun!!! Where is this awesome store.... So glad you could inspire so many :)

Kami and Joe said...

I loved your class, I left feeling very inspired. So much in fact that I went to Lowe's to buy me some wood. I am going to make a chicken feeder. Although mine won't have nearly the character yours has, I am still excited to fill it with ornaments this Christmas! I can't wait for the Holiday Hive!

Just a bed of roses said...

Love your story melissa...and your "find". I blogged about my find at the acorn antique show over the weekend, it was my first time selling there. I had to pay dearly for my find, but I would truely be regretting it today if I hadnt. I'm that kind of person too, if I love it at first sight, it's Mine!
congratulations on your class.

Anonymous said...

I loved your class, and seeing your blog reminded me also of how cute your teal jacket was, where can I find one?

Camilla said...

Melissa, your class was amazing! I came home so inspired to have fun decorating my house. Your slideshow was great, and your tips were perfect. Thank you for the inspiration!
Second Chances is one of my favorite places to stroll through! I also like to collect things, and after your presentation I want to buy some cute pop bottles. :)
I am excited to keep reading your blog!

Candice said...

How fun! You inspired so many people with your presentation! I love your taste and your style!!