DIY- Glittery gold banner & Fall decor


Hello... everyone.  Glad to be back with another fabulous blog hop, this time around everything sparkly & shimmery gold!  

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If you look around gold is everywhere it seems like these days.  It's made a real comeback.  I embraced the trend by setting up my kitchen Fall display themed with a couple of gold accents this month. 

Wanted to show you how I made the triangle gold banner that I strung up. So easy to do! 

-How to make a gold fringe garland with some edge!- 

1. I left the garland attached to the packaging so it made it easier to cut through {a-ha!} & it kept all the garland intact. 

 2. I cut of 1/2 of the inner cardboard packaging so I could more easily cut through the glitter strands but still had something firm to hold onto to cut. 

3. I lined up my ruler to the center point & outside edge of the triangle I wanted to create.  

4.  Just start cutting!  I had to push fairly hard to get through all the layers & strands but it worked! Once that side was done I just repositioned my ruler to the center again & lined up the other outside edge of the triangle. 

 5.  Ta-Dah A fresh, updated gold garland with some future gold confetti strands to use later. {Bonus!}   
To finish it off, hold up the garland & give it a "hair cut" with a pair of scissors.  Cutting off some loose long strands & trimming it up a bit.  

Love how the rest of the display underneath the glittery gold garland turned out.  

I set it all up on my new "creeper"  I told you about in the last post.  So glad I spotted it antiquing this Saturday & brought it home with me.  It really is the perfect size for a centerpiece to be placed on in the center of my kitchen island.   I started with going outside & cutting some branches & berries in the yard.  Stuck them up in some of the pop bottles from my collection & then added this shimmery bottle coated in gold glitter just for the fun of it.  
-The vintage .5 price tag represents the 5 in our family- 
- How to make your own glittery bottle- 

I simply poured a good amount of Modge Podge into the bottle, turned it around & around until the entire bottle was coated.  Once completely coated, I turned the bottle upside down for the excess glue to drain out.  
{*this step is a MUST! If you don't do it the glue w/the glitter will all clump & sink to the bottom of the bottle} 
When you fill like the majority of the excess glue has come out, but the bottle is still coated, pour gold chunky glitter inside the bottle.  Turning it around & around again until it's completely coated with glitter.  Let stand & dry. Takes a day to completely dry & for the glitter to shine.  Makes for a fun accent to a centerpiece. * Just remember you can't fill them with water to put flowers in or the glue won't stick. 
{Made up a bunch this summer & used them for Miss Mace's Golden Birthday Party- so fun!} 

An ariel shot of the creeper holding lots of Fall-ish goodies.   Love this time of year, great colors, fun things to decorate with & celebrating all mother nature has to offer.  Enjoy it all before the snow starts to fly. 



Andie Thueson said...

I love this banner!!! I love the way you decorate so much personality and style!!! We need to go shopping together some time! :)

Mimi Sue said...

Love all the unique banners you come up with. This one's adorable. Be great with Christmas decor too. Sounds like your women's conference went well. Wish I could have been there. Love your creeper. You have such a great island to display large things on. My island is about the size of the creeper! So sorry not to be able to attend your Hive next week. We'll be in California visitin the grandkids. Mimi

Candice said...

Love it! That banner is fantastic! And What a good idea for that bottle. I swear I am such a copier of you. Once I saw that you collected bottles I started too. Now I'm going to copy you again and make a gold glittery one. What can I say, you inspire me!!!

Emily @ The Benson Street said...

SOOO Pretty! Love the fringe!

Ashley at flats to flip flops said...

So cute! And it looks so fab against that black cabinet!

Natalie said...

Awesome fall look :)