Day 8- Grateful for the Small things!

I love having a reason to hang up banners!

What a terrific day!  {the gloomy, yucky, cold weather couldn't bring me down!}
I was lucky to get to be with some fabulous friends, chat, eat some yummy food  & be inspired by so many things today! 

1- Dreams- Where would we be in life without having a dream or goals? I'm so glad that I have dreams & goals that I want to accomplish in my life.  The key for me is writing them down so I can review them often & see them on a piece of paper. Back in 2004 I wrote that one day I would like to have my home & yard  featured in a Magazine or on TV.   Well today I got to check that off my list- YEAH!! It was nice to welcome Courtney Orton into my home, from KSL, for a segment to be aired on Studio 5 about Celebrating the Small Things. I hosted a Magazine Monday with 10 other friends that will be aired later this month.  I do this about every other month & everyone brings some of their favorite magazines to look at as well as a delicious food to share with the group. We always have a wide variety of magazines which is great!  Everyone has their own personalities, style & interests & it shows in the magazines they bring to share.  We had the best little lunch today with chips & salsas, tortilla wraps, hummus & veggies, scrumptious bread sticks & even a savory curry salad served in a pie pumpkin.  

2- MaGaZINes- This is one of my favorite things to get in the mail, grab at the check-out stand or take on a plane with me when I travel.  I think I like them because I am a visual person & love to look at the photographs & layouts for inspiration.
{I'm not that big of a reader- except I am almost finished with book #5 of Harry Potter!}
I also love looking through catalogs that come in the mail.  I have quite a loooong wish list of things I would like to get one day, but for know its always fun to look & dream.

Some of my favorites are:

-Nearly 3 lbs. of magazines just waiting to get looked through-

Pottery Barn Catalogs {so much inspiring things in there- I dog ear nearly EVERY page!}
Martha Stewart Living {LOVE my Martha!}
Country Living
Restoration Hardware
Ballard Designs
Napa Valley
Garnet Hill

-I would LOVE to hear what are some of your favorites!-

3- Cupcakes {of any size & flavor!}  I special ordered in some scrumptious cupcakes today  from Whimsy Cupcakes.  They were the perfect little sweet treat for today. 
 My FAVORITE is the Breakfast at Tiffany's {Choc. cake with blue coconut frosting- delish!!}
 Don't cupcakes just make you happy? 

Chairs, with magazine swags tied onto the back, just waiting for someone to sit in them.

Magazine pintail banners- so fun to make!

Whew.... what a tiring but delightful day!  I have been looking forward to this date for a long time. It was a wonderful experience & I'm grateful for the opportunity & I hope I get to do it again some time.
- I would love to hear what some of your favorite magazines are to read & look at-




Congrats!!!! That's a great accomplishment...way to go fellow 21er!!!

Chris and Paige Bell said...

Melissa you are amazing! You are kind of like your own magazine that I look at for ideas and inspiration. Can't wait to see you on TV

aqb said...

So cool Melissa, I will have to see it when I come for Christmas. House looks great!

Lesa @ music notes said...

I love magazines and catalogs as well. Thanks for sharing your list.

I've never ordered a Matthew Mead but I found this one and have ordered it. HOLIDAY! I'm watching for it in the mail.

Honeybee said...

I am patiently waiting for my Holiday to arrive in the mail too. SO excited!! I got his Halloween one a few years ago & loved it.