Snow, Ski Slopes & SuRPRiSe- I was "Pinned!!"


  My family & I decided that the only way to stay happy with all the snow we have been getting lately is by going skiing! A&E had a 1/2 of school today so we all packed up & off we went.  We are fortunate enough to live only 15 min. from Snowbasin. Oh, that makes it so nice to go up for an afternoon, which is what we did today. 
-Ty & I getting to ride up by ourselves- our girls LOVE to ride up the lift on their own-

-Thought the Mtns. & pine trees looked so pretty with the fresh dusting of snow-

-A&E ready to get back on the slopes after a quick break-


Miss Mace

Emmy & I
I love seeing my girls develop new talents, enjoy being together & the thrill they get from doing something {riding the lift} all by themselves.  They are growing up so fast
{which makes me sad} but at the same time it is fun to watch them & see what they can do.
& guess what??  I've been "Pinned!" 
{How fabulous is that?}
I couldn't believe my eyes when I got on Pinterest the other night & saw a picture of MY KITCHEN on the website.
  {Thanks Ticey- for pinning it off my blog & posting it on your Future Home pin board}

If I would have known you were going to do that I would have taken a better picture
{wink, wink}
Anyways, thanks- I was very flattered!

Anyone else out there "PiNNiNG" yet?  Please tell me if you are so I can follow your creative/inspiration packed pinboards.
It's soooo much fun!!
F.Y.I- You can follow my pins-HERE-

Happy Weekend!

**oh, & thanks for all the comments lately- I love hearing
from you- Thanks, it makes my day! :)


Ticey said...

Well Meliss, I've always loved your kitchen!!

music notes said...

I love your kitchen! I'm not surprised you were pinned.