Antique shopping & a Yard SaLE!!

  Back really quick before the weekend to show you what I got today while antique shopping. I have really had the urge lately to hit some antique & consignment shops & do some SHoPPiNG! 

 I walked into the store next to Re-Creations in Roy {Sorry, I don't know the exact name} & about fell over when I saw this stack of trunks right inside the door. 
Made my day-  I got the 2nd from the top with the latches all around it.  I think it will make a nice little end table between our 2 leather chairs.  
{p.s. there were still 3 there when I left this morning- only $30-35.00 each!}
-How cute are all those vintage poker chips? I bought me a whole bunch!- 
Then I hit one of my FaVORITE stores- the General Store in Layton.  They have always had an old bread baking tin in there {used to display items} that I eye ball every time I go in there {hoping} that it will be for sale one day.  So I was REALLY excited when I saw STaCKS of them piled up & these great 3 mesh tins, that were also used for baking. It was hard to decide but I went with the 3 mesh tin. Can't wait to use it to fill it up & display whatever in it. 
{I am giddy!!}
P double S- there were still stacks of them in there when I left today for only $28.50 each
{Maybe I should go back & get some more ;) }

YaRD SaLE Tomorrow starting at 8:00 a.m. 
up by my home in Mt. Green.  It is being put together by our 13 yr. old friend for his Eagle Project.  He is sending ALL the proceeds, from the yard sale,  to purchase medical supplies for an Orphanage in China.  
{I love fun things that are for a GOOD cause!} 

So if you have had the urge to do some antiquing, rummaging & yard sale shopping come up & check it out. 
-On the corner of Day Lily Drive & Old Hwy. Road in Mt. Green- 

Happy Shopping!
Maybe I'll see you bright & early in the morning


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