What I'm wearing Wednesday


Oh, I love me some cardigan wearing weather!  The chill is the air is my favorite time of year.  A big, chunky, colorful necklace is always good too.  {the more color it has the more stuff it can go with, right?} I paired it with some yellow pants from The Gap that didn't make the picture.  Sure glad my royal blue hair got in the pic though.  

-My necklace is my birthday present from Anthro, thanks to my 15% off Anthro card-
 This week is a unique one for me because it's my-
No wear red week!  
Why... you might ask well.... this is the reason why.  It's rivalry week around here.
{Calm down my Aggie friends, but you know it's true. This is the BiG one & always has been ;) }

-Let's go Boys!!  By the way the 2nd one in from the left is a family friend of ours, JD Falslev. Our Dad's both coached football together for years & I had both his parents as H.S. teachers. Go #12! He is awesome. I love getting to cheer for him & the rest of the Cougs. -

Funny Story:  Last week while watching the game from our seats in the stadium, JD was running back a punt return & started to break open.  I started yelling,  jumping up & down so much that the kid sitting next to my husband asked him, "Hey, is that her brother or something?"  He said,  "No, just a family friend" I guess that shows you how much I love to watch football! I get a little too excited at times ;)  

{I've always been this way}
I love BYU Football & when you have a connection to a player it's even more intense- so fun!! 
So in an effort to show support to my Cougs I'm refraining from wearing any red this week {head to toe}  So far 4 days down & 3 to go.  Which is kind of tough because as you learned about me a long time ago {Here}  it is a favorite of mine except during Football Season.


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oomph. said...

this is a great necklace! certainly makes a statement.