Time to spell it out!


  A peek into what I'm doing today & from the looks of it there might be a show about to happen! 
So mark your calendars for The {Fall}Hive-
October 11,12 & 13th
-This is what it looks like when I'm getting ready for a show. The hallway outside my craft room is lined up with an eclectic mix of letters to form into the popular H&H word boards. Can't wait to see the finished products!- 

-A great way to pass the time while watching last night's episode of Project Runway!  Makes work go by so much faster.  I'm really liking this years contestants & as always, Mr. Tim Gunn- make it work! -
I'll be back next week to post some Pre-Order H&H items that you will be able to pick up at The Hive in October. 
{not to mention I need to tell you the line-up of vendors who are coming- so excited to share! Lots more details to come} 

Have a fantastic weekend.  I'm just loving this Utah late-summer into Fall weather it's the best!  This is how we savored the end of Summer this week with some of our friends.  What a terrific day- not a cloud in the sky! 
{Thanks McC's}
-Hold On!  Eli & Em catching a big wave on Willard Bay- 

-Audrey loved jumping, diving & splashing into the water off the boat. She is a nut!- 

-Thought the sun on the mountain was gorgeous in the afternoon! Such a perfect day- 

-Mace & one of her best-est little buddies, Hy.  They rode the waves together, so cute! - 

-Worn out from a day of fun on the boat- 


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