The answer......


  Miss Mace & I to the Bun Basket in Fruit Heights or as she likes to call it the "cookie store"  She's been calling it that since she was about 2 years old.  It was a special little day date for us when she was little.  I liked to go walk around the Rock Loft & then we would always go pick out a cookie for her & I & get one to take to her Dad at work.  

-check out the detail on that owl cookie, adorable!- 
Maybe that's where she got her love for baking & decorating from.  Their cookies are the cutest!! 
{& might I just say the yummiest too}  
If you've never been there plan a trip to go for lunch, 
-oh, I love me some sprouts on a sandwich, yum!-
 I always get their made to order sandwiches or a soup 
{they are so good!} & grab a cookie or a dozen to go! 

The last couple of years I have stopped by the Bun Basket & picked up a dozen of their cookies to take down to the McQuigley pumpkin patch for Harvest Day of giant pumpkins.  My husband grows these pumpkins with his friend. Miss Mace loves to go down to the patch with her Dad to give a big bear hug to The One every night. 
{it's such a fun day- usually the local TV cameras are there to capture all the excitement!} 
-Umm.... how much do you think she weighs?  Any guesses??- 
This Saturday is the Utah Giant Pumpkin Growers weigh-off at Thanksgiving Point & hopefully this will be "the one" that day.  Crossing my fingers & toes!  
-Good Luck Ty!- 



Amber Sargent said...

I'm so excited they are opening a bountiful location in the next few weeks! I still need to make it to the Rock Loft it's on my list! Good luck with the giant pumpkin that is so fun for your family!

Honeybee said...

I saw that they were opening one in Bountiful when I was up there, that's exciting!! More cookies for everyone ;)