DIY Black & White decor idea


  Hello.. Welcome to my blog. I'm so happy to be a part of another fabulous 8 blog hop that's taking place with a Black & White theme this time around. 
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 I wanted to share something simple to make & so fun to have around for any occasion. 
Who says that dominoes are just for playing games?  I've always loved this little charming pieces & been intrigued by their simplicity & sense of fun that go along with them.  I have quite a collection of big pieces, tiny ones, colorful ones but something about the black & white is just so simple & pure.  

I hosted a dinner party awhile ago & needed something unique to use as the place card holders. I made up a bunch of these simple dominoes holders & they have since been used for much more than their original purpose.  
{Love when you find something that can be used over & over again in different ways} 
-Simply said!  These black & white beauties tie in perfectly with all things Halloween, which is coming up fast!-
All you need to make your own set of dominos holders is: 

- a bunch of dominoes {4 are used to create one holder} 
-some strong glue {I used E6000}
-a steady hand & a little bit of time. 

Keep in mind you can use new dominoes or some that have been around the block for awhile.  I always see them at thrift stores. Just depends on the look you are going for. I'm happy to say that my original holders are made out of some of my Grandma's old dominoes.  Love that they are a little bit more worn. I'm sure they saw lots of playing time. 

Step one: get all your dominoes laid out. You'll need 4 for each holder you create.  So figure out how many you want to make & then just times that number by 4 to get your total. 

Step two: Apply a thin layer of glue along the middle edge of the 1st domino & then stick it together with the 2nd domino. They should be glued down the center to one another. 
-Step three & four:  Apply a thin layer to the bottom of the 3rd domino {*be sure to have the dots facing out} & place on top of the 2 that were previously glued together.  Then squeeze another line of glue on the bottom of the 4th domino. Be sure to leave a small gap {so that you can fit a photo, piece of paper etc.} between the two. Let completely dry- 

So many fun uses for these little holders.  
This one sits next to my computer & holds a picture of my funny 3 & an old place card I received at a dinner party with my name on it.  Such a whimsical thing for me to look at everyday. 

I've also used them for picture holders as you can see in the photo below.  This was from a segment I did last year on Studio 5.  You can watch the segment {Here}  Lots of fun black & white Halloween & Fall decor ideas.  
{It's just around the corner, people!} 

Enjoy! Thanks for stopping by, hope you come back again soon for more ideas on how to enjoy a decorated life. 



Candice said...

So darling! I love those. I need to find some dominoes so I can make some! I especially love the photo of your daughters with mustaches. Darling!!!

Rebecca Lopez said...

I love dominos, crafting with them is so fun and nostalgic. Great job!

Ashley at flats to flip flops said...

Great idea! Pinned this!

Natalie said...

you creative girl - i love this idea - so cute!!