Shoo fly don't bother me


  Is anyone else sick of those pesky little things flying around?  AUgH... they drive me nuts.  Last night, while in the kitchen, Mace & I couldn't take it any longer so where do we turn for inspiration, advice & HeLP.  You guessed it, Pinterest.  
{If you go to Pinterest & type in Fruit Flies, lots of posts will come up to look at} 

We found a few different sites,  did what they said & Wa-LaH!! The little flies are all trapped & not bugging us this morning.  {Hallelujah!} 

All you need to make your own fruit fly catcher is: 
-apple cider vinegar 
-dish soap 
-piece of paper 
-mason jar 
-small piece of fruit  

Pour 1/3 C. Apple Cider Vinegar into a mason jar.  Cut a small piece of banana & place in the bottom of the jar & add a drop or two of dish soap.  
Then take a piece of paper & fold it into a cone shape, with a small point at the bottom & stick into the mason jar.  The point is the fruit flies go into the jar but are not able to find their way out again.  

Hope this helps you & your sanity this fall in the kitchen.  Such a great time of year to enjoy such great fruit & veggies.  


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Mimi Sue said...

Great tip! We've had a herd of fruit flys this year. Mimi