Something to think about


  Came across this today on Pinterest & loved it! Just what I needed to hear.  I get such a good vibe from this saying. Makes me feel energized & thinking I can do anything & causing myself to really think.... 
what else can I do to go BiG

Source: via Melissa on Pinterest

It also reminded me of this sweet little marquee frame I made a while back - 
-I love that it was totally taken in the moment & the essence of my craft room, the papers, paint bottles, paint smudged on the work table.  Love that you can see the "process" of creating- Dream Big!-
So that's what I'm going to do. Look out world!  
-oh, by the way this just might be one of my favorite Pinterest boards- love positive thinking. It is such a powerful thing! 



Tausha said...

I heart you and am so glad that we are friends! Your words make me happy!
Love you!

Honeybee said...

Thanks so much, friend. :)