Fabulous Week!

Where do I begin?  I had one of those weeks last week that was just one amazing thing after another. It was a busy, crazy, exciting & eventful week to say the least.  That leaves me shaking my head & asking, "did that really just happen?" 
{I can't wait to show & tell you all about it soon!} 

It started off with a delightful little trip into the woods to a family cabin for Gourmet Club Tuesday night.  
Really, so charming & fun! 
{Thanks again Cori & Ann!} 

Next... the 365 Swap on Thursday night.  Yippee!!  Another successful event put on by us Cultivate Girls.  This time it was way over "the top" the Big Top that is. So much Carnival fun packed into one Summer evening- so great. 
{love you C. Girls- Haley, Sheryl, Becky & Nicole!}

Then.... to my amazement & surprise a fantastic birthday party was thrown for me by my incredible husband & his P.P.C. {party planning committee} comprised of some of my sweet friends.  Seriously, I can't wait to show you all the little details & touches that went into this party. 
{that has been in the works for over a year- incredible!!} 
-Thanks so much Ty, Michelle, Nicole, Matt, Nicolle, Erika, Pilar, Natalie & Vanessa!- 
I had no idea & was completely blown away by everything & the amazing family & friends who turned out to came party with me to celebrate #38!! 
{This might just be my new favorite number- just sayin' :) }  

I really don't have any photos right now to share because I have such talented friends who were actually took photos at each event so I didn't even worry about that.  
{Thanks so much- Courtney, Rachel & Michelle no pressure- but I am dying to see all the photos- can't wait!} 



Candice said...

I'm so glad your party went well. I was invited, but the distance between TN and UT was much too great for me to attend. I would have loved to go though! Someday (I think we are planning a trip in 2013) maybe I will be in Utah and we can actually meet.

Candice said...

ps Happy Birthday!!! :)

Honeybee said...

Thanks Candice!! I hope to one day met you too-wish UT & TN were a bit closer. I've always wanted to visit your state, if I ever do I'll have to get some places to stay & visit from you.