Day {3}- Cheerful


  Really quickly here are my 3 Grateful things for Nov. 3rd. 
{Lots to do today- only one week until The Hive.  
Are you coming? I hope so! } 

1- Laughter- {I love watching TV shows at night with Ty & that we like & just laugh & laugh. He has a great laugh. Also watching Regis this morning made me laugh out loud too!} 
2- Aerials- {they are cool to watch especially when my little girl just did her 1st one yesterday- way to go Em! Made me :) }
3- Raisin Cinnamon bread- {Used this to make the kids fresh toast this morning. Yum- enough said!} 

{Laugh & be cheerful today!} 

Have a great day friends- off to CReaTe! 
*Don't forget to enter the "BuzZ" giveaway {Here
for a chance to win $25.00 to spend at The Hive. 


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