My Colorful {Black Friday Free} Weekend!

Hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving & weekend all my Blog friends!  I ate lots of turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy & the tastiest Coconut Creme Pie-yum! 
{Happy to say that I only ate 1 piece of pie on Thanksgiving Day.}

I have to say that I am not a big fan of Black Friday
{anyone else out there?}
A little too crazy & out of control for me.  
{I guess I just like my sleep, I've never been that much of a night owl anyway} 
So instead of spending the wee hours of the morning out running around shopping I was home making Cinnamon Rolls with my girls, cleaning, hauling up lots of totes from the basement, getting ready for all the Christmas decor to go up & off to chop down our Christmas tree. 
{oh...P.S enjoy my new updated playlist with some of my favorite Holiday songs}

-A clean blank space- just ready to deck the halls-
 This year we decided to travel just 3 miles away to get our Christmas tree at Robinson's Tree Farm in our own beautiful city of Mountain Green.  
{even though it's a tree farm I love that you still get to "Chop" down the tree}
-The girls & I by the Colorado Blue Spruce we choose to take home- 
 TiiiiiiimberrrrrrRR! ...........

-My chance to take a turn at cutting down the tree. What is with my girls & photos- they LOVE to pull funny faces!- 

-Our 1st Mt .Green grown Christmas Tree. All packed & ready to head home & decorate - Holla!-  
-The tree taking it's place in the center of our great room. So glad we put a plug in the floor right in the middle of the room for occasions just like this- 

Then let the decorating begin!  
Audrey helped put up the Nativity Scene in the entry way.  

Little Olly was there to get into EVERYTHING & see what was going on. 
-I was really inspired for all our decor by the colorful Christmas tree skirt we have- 
Ty & Em ready to light up the tree with colored lights.  As we were putting up all the decor, lights & ornaments I realized that it is a really colorful scheme in our home for the holidays.  Lots of turquoise, reds & greens around here- so bright, festive & fun! 

 My collection of Vintage & new {with an old charm look to them} ornaments displayed in my old chicken feeder trough.  I like to get at least 1 unique, vintage, sparkly ornament a year. One of these days I'll be able to decorate the whole tree with these. I found an adorable dainty little striped one in No. Carolina this year at an antique store. 

 The girls loved climbing the ladder to decorate the 12 ft. Christmas tree.
 Em & I putting on the finishing touches to the tree

Wah-lah!  The Quigley's is decked & ready for the Holidays.  
I loved getting the tree, putting it up, decorating it & the house all in one day this year {usually it takes a couple of days}  Glad all the boxes & totes are put away too.  Ahhhh... such a great feeling to accomplish so much in one day- loved it! 

-I love to hang snowflakes off of our chandelier during the Holidays. They are up until February & are so sparkly & shiny. I love the colorful glass ball garland I found this year at HomeGoods too-  
 Then Sunday afternoon the girls I are were feeling a bit crafty.  {I just had to take a picture of all the color that was going on on the island}  
We created some cute things!  Em, Audrey & I were making wreaths with all sorts of this & that, they turned out fabulous. Can't wait to get them all up & in place. 

 While A, E& I were making wreaths Miss Mace was making this colorful salad creation for our dinner. Watch out Cafe Rio!  This was a tasty salad with the BEST ranch cilantro dressing.  I really think I have a culinary genius on my hands- she is so talented!  
{I even had the leftovers for lunch today- Lucky me!} 

?Honeybee wants to know- what colors do you use in your Christmas decor? 
{are you a traditionalist or more modern in your decor} 
Speaking of color I simply just *adore* this idea I saw on Pinterest & might have to make a Snow {globe}man for my Holiday decor.  LoVE the whole color scheme too- delightful!

I'll be back soon to post more pictures of all the decor in my home 
{top, bottom & everywhere in between}

Have a happy day- thanks for stopping by!



Anonymous said...

I love your tree can't wait to see more Holiday stuff. I am more traditional, but this year my kids wanted a fun colorful tree so I have bright yellow, red, purple, green, orange, blue on my tree. It turned out so fun.

South Girl in the West said...

For the past 4 years we have had the same color scheme you are using this year...but i was ready for a change this year! So on our real-no fake here-tree, we went with brown and gold, with a few white snow flakes tucked in. the ribbon for my garland around the house has a cool feature, depending on the angle it looks brown or maroon, so you still have the hint of the traditional red. but i love the change and look forward to it for a couple more years. everything is looking great in your home this year!!

Honeybee said...

Thanks for answering the ? guys, I appreciate it! Both your decor sounds great- I would love to see pictures of it :)

Dave and Jenny McConnel said...

I've been going with the traditional red, green and gold theme for my tree. I love all kinds of decore and love seeing everyone else's spin.